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DL: Rock WItchu Tour soundboard (extended/full version)

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I always loved the RWT soundboard leaks. Those audios are EVERYTHING! I knew Discipline was missing + the final interlude, but I thought it was it. WRONG! This new version have Janet interacting with the dancers during the Street Act, and almost every interlude is extended. It also have Discipline and the final interlude!

Dammn.. That was her best tour ever! The concept, videos, acts, the looks... I can't understand how some people don't like it! LOL
I mean, the janet. world tour was EPIC/ICONIC/UNTOUCHABLE, but for modern days parameters RWT was THE THING.
Too bad everything fell apart in 2008 :/ 

You can find a download link on video description.
Who ever found this, THANK YOU!


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I was the one that found this and posted it. You're very welcome. ^_^

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