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The Thriller’s Gone! Janet Accused Of Swiping Statue Of Her Brother Michael

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Michael Jackson’s sister Janet Jackson is being accused of shamefully swiping a massive memorial to the King of Pop erected outside his childhood home in Gary, Ind.

The Moonwalker’s kid sister is under a dark cloud after the eight-foot tall monument featuring Michael dancing disappeared — in the middle of the night — “around the time Janet was in Gary,” an insider said.

“It’s more than a little suspicious. She would have had plenty of time to sneak in overnight and have a professional service truck move it to a storage facility. No one would put it past her.”

But why would the 51-year-old songbird selfishly rob millions of fans from seeing the memorial to Michael, who was killed at age 50 by a 2009 drug overdose?

“She doesn’t want to share Michael with the world, that’s why,” said the insider. “She finds it repulsive people come to the little white house in Gary to gawk. In her way of thinking, it’s fame that destroyed her brother.”

The source also notes Janet “hasn’t been herself lately.”

The Nasty songstress has been “under a great deal of stress” from her divorce and custody battle with fat cat businessman Wissam Al Manaher third hubby and dad of her only child, year-old son Eissa.

“To say she’s paranoid would be an understatement,” said the source. “She fears her ex is spying on her. She’s anxious all the time. She doesn’t go out in public without her bodyguard.”

The beauty is also on the outs with relatives for taking over the care of her dying 87-year-old mom Katherine, the family matriarch who controls Michael’s $2 billion fortune.

Until Janet whisked her away, Katherine was supposed to be watching the Thriller legend’s kids — Prince, 21, Paris, 19 and Blanket, 16

“She got into a huge fight with Paris and Prince, who accused her of keeping them from their grandma,” said the source.

“Katherine is elderly and doesn’t know what’s going on half the time. There are some in the family who believe Janet is taking advantage of Katherine in order to control her bank accounts and credit cards.”

Meanwhile, “a lot of people in Gary are complaining that Janet was the mastermind behind the monument’s disappearance,” said the insider.

from Radar Online

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The mystery is SOLVED


The Michael Jackson statue is missing from his childhood home. But police say the culprit wasn't a smooth criminal.

Gary police said the monument was removed from the site in October during Janet Jackson's visit to the family home in Gary. 

"I guess it was taken down to do a video shoot. They are planning to do some landscaping in the spring. Once they are done, they'll bring it back," Lt. Thomas Pawlak said Friday night. 

He said the Gary deputy chief reached out to a family representative personally to get the story firsthand.

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