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Rumor Mill: Janet Ready For Baby #2 According to OKMagazine

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If she is, that is her business.  

BUT I'm thankful that our stars now live at a time in which they can truly have it all.  I'm not pressed about rumors, but IF Ms. Jackson wanted to have another child, who's to say couldn't do so and ready her new album at the same time?  She had Eissa, and was back on tour 8 months later.  

And just suppose that a new album were to drop, with a music video or two already shot, and a successful summer tour completed. Take a break and let fans enjoy the album/doc/project/whatever else is being cooked up, have the baby, and go on tour later.  Plus, if she were to let fans know this (not that it's necessarily our business to know), we would TOTALLY understand, just like the last time.  


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