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Activisnet Strikes again.....

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7 hours ago, FreelovesJJ said:


Bernie did not daily lose in the primary there were tactics used against him by Clinton unethically to ensure that loss. Nonetheless, as terrible as it has ended up for others - Trump’s victory felt like a long coming karma. Not just to Hilary but also to America in general. 

The best aspect of having Trump in office is the white liberal claims of post-racial & expensively progressive society being revealed as lies. I think if Hilary won ppl would have went back to silent & felt blindly safe. Having no accountability of her or what is going on in Washington. While trump is a walking cancer cell to humanity - we do live in a time where topics are so polarized that nuances are thrown out the window. Any time you have a varied thought you are labeled - where some type of phobic or bigot or any other marginalizing title. 


He, a non democrat, lost the democratic nomination fair and square

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