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2.0. Y.O Tour

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So a youtuber @JanetFan4Eva made a tour concept for the 2.0. YO Tour 8 years ago. Now with a sea of youtubers who do tour concepts for their favorite artists I wonder why there arent more JanFam youtubers doing these type of videos.


@JanetFan4Eva  setlist so far curated for the imaginary tour was 

  1. All Nite
  2. Just A Little While
  3. So Excited(Remix)
  4. Together Again(Remix similar to AMAS)
  5. LWNDWY (Prelude)
  6. Show Me
  7. Anytime Anyplace
  8. Strawberry Bounce


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Continuing @JanetFan4EVA Setlist for 20 YO Tour I wouldve added


  1. ACT 1 intro
  2. All Nite
  3. Just A Little While
  4. So Excited(Remix)
  5. Together Again(Remix similar to AMAS)
  6. ACT 2 (LWNDWY (Prelude))
  7. Show Me
  8. Anytime Anyplace
  9. Strawberry Bounce
  10. Get It Out Me
  1. "All Nite"
  2. "So Excited"
  3. "Just A Little While" 
  4. "Together Again(Remix similar to AMAS)" 
  5. "This Body" (Video Interlude)
  6. "Get it Out Me"
  7. "Love Will Never Do Without You Prelude"
  8. "Show Me"
  9. "Pleasure Principle
  10. "R&B Junkie"/"Control Medley
  11. "Feel It Boy: (Video Interlude)
  12. "Island Life"
  13. "Enjoy"
  14. "If"
  15. "The Funny Song"
  16. "Someone To Call My Lover"
  17. "I Want You"
  18. "Career Recap" (Instrumental Interlude)
  19. "SloLove" 
  20. "Alright"
  21. "All For You" 
  22. "Call On Me" 


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