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You Are Not Alone... in theaters soon

In a country side mansion outside Los Angeles, CA, where a crazed doctor is glowing with greed comes an inspiring story when that same doctor that murdered your father, becomes your best friend. An emo teen (played by Dakota Fanning) can't seem to move on after her father's murder. After a series of events, Pattie Princess Johnson attempted suicide and failed ending up reaching out to her father's murderer, Dr. Connor Murphy. What will become of them in the new drama: "You Are Not Alone".

The Truth About Love

As you all know.. I've been in a relationship for three years. I was happy but with every relationship there's a constant problem... That problem was me I suppose. First let me say that I haven't been happy for a while. Since he bought the house and only put it in his name. I felt that was a huge slap to the face.. that's when it started. I swallowed my pride but it would bug me from time to time... He re-insured me that it was "both our homes" but I didn't feel it... If it's not on paper tha

Rock & Roll Hall of Game

Rock & Roll Hall of Game

State of The XXV Address - Self-Review

In case you didn't read it before, here's the transcript: I crossed some things out.. That's what I want to comment on.. I have dreamed about it.. and cried about it but the relationship I had wasn't something I truly wanted. I felt to dependent on my other half... it wasn't equal like I wanted it in my dreams.

Rock & Roll Hall of Game

Rock & Roll Hall of Game

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