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  2. or you could just hit play and listen to it for 40 minutes, which was far more efficient
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  4. Reassessing Janet Jackson's 'Control' and legacy : It's Been a Minute with Sam Sanders : NPR
  5. I'm pretty sure European tv channels will buy the doc as well. I just hope Janets team will focus on the European market more!
  6. he's good and doing his basic choreography. It's nothing to go home and write about. It looks like the basic tutorials of taking a dance class. Everybody talking about Feedback he did for the Vegas show but what exactly is there to like about it? The moves were boring and basic, the only thing that stood out was the costumes and colors. If you watch it again and pay attention to choreography like I did then you'll see it sucks. I agree with everything you said about his choreography
  7. I watched some of his videos. While I do think he is an extremely good dancer, I personally don't like the style of his coreography. It's too stiff and they're using too much hands and the back is straight instead of moving the whole body. I also don't think this is the style Janet can do best. I understand she likes the attitude of the dance style but she's not that good at it. Sorry, but Tina and even Gil knew better.
  8. She NEEDS to collaborate with Tessandra Chavez again!!! That China Love choreo was
  9. He did?! Oh well, Im content then cuz I loved that version. He has done anything else for her?
  10. I am NOT travelling to the US anytime I wanna see something about Janet. I did it in 2015. Janet needs to learn about our European worth, establish as she lives here!
  11. Haha! I love us 4 real. He choreographed Feedback for Vegas.
  12. Now I understand Janet is 55 but that doesn't mean she should be picking from the bottom of the barrel. If you've seen this guy's work then you know it's not good at all. https://www.instagram.com/p/CUYIurqv8Xa/ https://www.facebook.com/693757173/videos/579489650060895/
  13. Do you really expect a response? Eli doesn't even come here anymore.
  14. I would want it, but because they share custody of a child, probably not
  15. and I said I just now seen it, just be glad I was on yo side
  16. We can't and will not trust RS, that's the white man's publication they should thank Janet for her epic historic most ever duplicated cover
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