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  2. I believe she cooked it. I think she’s mentioned before that she can make sweet potato pie.
  3. even yo dreams fucked up you forgot album of the year at the Grammys and Best Female Pop vocal Grammy
  4. well, everything else is something she's done before though so we know it's at the very least possible This era is gonna be Janet's biggest era! It's gonna have 5 #1 hits, 8 top 5 singles (beating her own record for Rhythm Nation) sell over 35 million worldwide and 17 million in the US AND become the most awarded album and highest grossing concert tour of all time. Doesn't hurt to at least try and speak these things into existence
  5. people I know in healthcare are saying they wouldn't even take it, because it's not been properly tested, vaccines take years to go through proper vetting, now they are saying you may have to have two shots, which is not unheard of. Basically those that would take the vaccine would be guinea pigs If the virus mutates, a vaccine may not be effective, and that's also not unheard of. I will say let's hope they do have an effective vaccine and it does come fast.
  6. but everything else in that hypothetical is cool? chile
  7. we all have desires but "5 million sold first week"
  8. Isn't the tested vaccine over 90% effective? I think that's really good. Idk how high and how many tests it needs to be, but the fact they got such high effective rate after less than a year (in the US) is hopeful and quite impressive.
  9. the want 5 singles, all top ten hits, 5 million sold first week, 6 music videos, and a sold out Europe leg How bout a two piece and a biscuit
  10. You care to much darling. Lower your expectations or don't have any. You want me to send you one of Janets generic inspirational quotes?
  11. Yesterday
  12. I thought we were never seeing her stomach again
  13. Last week
  14. Its the main thing that initially put me off the album...I always skip WYM, that helps for me. Yet im SURE I remember reading her say the pace was supposed to be like that...schizophrenic, up and down, kinda how she was feeling at the time.
  15. All For You was a strong album...but the order of the songs is homophobic
  16. I've always said that Alanis was a Janet stan. She was one of few A list artist that went to bat for Janet when she was being dragged for the Superbowl ..love her.
  17. I wanna believe she cooked that pie as much as she ate it....fight me
  18. Sad news to hear, especially him being so young. Another member gone. My condolences
  19. I know he's shady, but Prince's performances of WHYDFML were always on point.
  20. Wow. I do remember Stephon and thought he was hilarious. I definitely thought he was older and am shocked and saddened to hear this news. I feel like I need to start avoiding these threads because I knew what it was about before I clicked but my heart dropped.
  21. alert folks.....I told the young folks my fav, hell I kid you not, they didn't know her Now if that's not a case for a legacy loss I dont what is
  22. Your're not being self indulgent at all and here is as good as any considering how your bond was formed. Hope you can find some comfort here. I vaguely remember the name but not the character. The more things like this happen, the more im inclined to partake in a video call meet up as @Selzsuggested in another thread...for anyone who wants to partake. Take care for now
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