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  2. Omg yes, I agree!!! That outfit alone made the dance break....the entire choreography lose its genuine sexual energy and iconic-ness!!! Damn Wissam!!! Lol
  3. I agree with the AMAs being the weakest. I was actually embarrassed. It wasn't energetic or hype like it usually is. The crowd seemed bored and I think the horrible lip sync added to it. I mean we know she lips like most performers but that performance was a Britney kind of lip sync lol I disagree. I actually loved the Asian theme.
  4. AFY tour version always bothered me. There was a complete disconnect in the presentation. I get the whole Asian theme but it juss kinda fell flat
  5. That 1993 VMAs performance tho!!!! But as for weakest??? Ummmm 2009 AMAs I guess!
  6. Yesterday
  7. BEST performance of "If" was TVR show Which "If" performance you think was the weakest???? Lets discuss
  8. Hello everyone, I’m the oldest nephew of Art Palmer. We were close and till this day I take it hard with remembering of my late uncle, gone too soon. But, thank you for the nice comments that will live one forever. Douglas Palmer Jr ..
  9. YAS!! Can't wait to see her look at the red carpet premiere, promos etc if there will be any. I hope they will not delay the BD much longer cause this pandemic could take years.
  10. Hi all - I've been a guest of this forum for a while and have been a member of another Janet forum since 2008. I decided to post here because I am running a countdown of fans' favourite Janet lyrics on such forum and would like to know if anyone here wants to join (voting deadline is 31st March). I do not want to lure people out of here or create any competition between different Janet fansites - after all, we all love the same person. But I thought it would be great if more people joined. I'm happy to post results on both sites if needed. If anyone wants to join, please reply on th
  11. Last week
  12. Finally some exciting Janet news again n something to look forward too a year from now!!!!
  13. True but for those who don't know, Lifetime is owned by A&E
  14. This announcement could've waited until like September. Now we on pins and needles for damn near a year.
  15. Lifetime/A&E could definitely sell the doc to a streaming service and to international tv channels as well. A documentary is a great way for Janet to sell her album and tickets for the tour as well! The world wants to see this doc and many countries will broadcast it too.
  16. Im excited, but it only just crossed my mind that its just more inconsideration for those outside the US. We aint got no LifeTime in the UK and I dont even know what A&E is. Im hoping us foreigners will see it somehow, but Netflix would given better access. Maybe something happened behind the scenes.
  17. Lifetime??? Ummm that’s a bit bootleg. I was hoping this would be on Netflix.
  18. This is awesome. Not to be a snob but it feels more legit on A+E so I'm happy it's not just Lifetime.
  19. FINALLY!!! That rumored Netflix documentary coming into fruition!!!! Can’t wait!!!
  20. There was a poster on here that did say that she was doing something like this. I’m glad to see it coming to fruition.
  21. Janet Jackson’s life story will get the documentary treatment next year from Lifetime and A&E to celebrate the 40th anniversary of her first album. At its virtual upfront today, the A+E Networks group highlighted its upcoming programming slate and announced that Lifetime and A&E have ordered a two-night, four-hour documentary event with the working titled “JANET.” Jackson’s first album, titled “Janet Jackson,” was released in 1982 when she was 16. The documentary, co-produced by Workerbee and Associated Entertainment Corporation, promises to offer unprecedented access to the
  22. hell they could have been a group on their own lol
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