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  4. I'm sorry to revive this, but I read some of your comments... Thank you for all your views on this, but I made a podcast called "King Radio" debunking Wade Robson and James Safechuck, scalping every accuser, and coming after Oprah. For people who didn't hear, Wade and James have both been dismissed. Though this doesn't mean Michael wasn't absolved, it makes Wade and James look like Robson and SafeCheck/casechucked. Why? Because though they claimed this wasn't about money, they'd been suing the estate for literally millions since 2013. James was found looking up rings on etsy.
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  6. Thanks! I'm indeed in my 20s and I'm from the Netherlands!
  7. The 'All For You' video has been UNBLOCKED!!! The quality is sooo good but it should have 100+ million views fr
  8. Awe this is awesome! Idk where you're from but I love your accent. You sound like you are in your 20s meanwhile most of us Janet fans are in our 30s and 40s. How much was the book if you don't mind?
  9. Thank you for sharing! Beautiful book! I should have got a copy!
  10. SCREAM - Michael Jackson & JanetJackson (a JQ ReWork) Video Link
  11. Hello to my fellow Janet fandom. Looking for commentary on my latest project and would love to hear your thoughts. Funny How Time Flies - Janet Jackson (a JQ ReWork) 2021 Video Link
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  13. Precisely. If any current artist is gonna be unbothered by their achievements, its J. I mean she may well have copies but this doesnt surprise me in the least. Its like shedding your past and starting anew. A new era is dawning for sure.
  14. I agree, but Janet said in her 1998 BET interview at her beach house that she doesn't care to display her trophies. I think she talked about how the trophies aren't an indicator of worth. That's why she puts these plaques in storage anyway.
  15. A lot of artists I've noticed tend to sell the plaques. I'm not sure why, but whatever. I guess when you have so many, you kinda start to wonder if you need every last one. I'm guessing she'll keep the ones that mean the most to her.
  16. From Juliens Auctions. I guess I signed up years ago Right? I’m a hoarder anyway but plaques I’d never get rid of. Unless she has multiple copies and she’s getting rid of the spares? I’m not sure how they work
  17. This is the same thing I was thinking. I would want to commemorate my achievements. So I'm not giving away my plaques.
  18. I went through all the items as I got an email that it was now live and the music video outfits made me emotional, especially LWNDWY but what surprises me is she’s selling all her plaques too. Like gold/platinum plaques. I understand having a clear out but why your achievements? Are they just material things to her? I mean I guess it doesn’t take the records away and maybe she’s comfortable knowing she’s achieved them without having to look at the plaques ?
  19. A lot of ya'll druggies.
  20. I AGREE .. showbox jiofi.local.html tplinklogin
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