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  2. Do you think the BD Era will ever be launched? Is she in the studio for her own album or just something else... I wanna know!
  3. Last week
  4. You gotta work..........Cues to her abs.............HARDDDD
  5. What happened to him? He is literally the person behind the #JanetsLegacyMatters movement. He is very popular on social media and YouTube for campaigning for Janet to help keep her legacy alive ..doing what her actual team isn't doin.
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  7. Aww remember when @ThatOtherFan used to call me Rochester. Whatever happened to him?
  8. placing all 4 of those artists firmly into a unique category really sends the message of how important their music was
  9. Something seems off about his jaw too. He seems wired on some kind of stimulant. My guess is cocaine. Also, this thread is 8 years old?
  10. I remember seeing this when I was younger. I was like YASSSSSSSSSS
  11. I love her. Going to see her on tour in SF.
  12. The video is fire but the song is forgettable.
  13. This is the reality that I've pretty much settled on. Everybody isn't meant to make it big no matter how talented they are, or appear to be no shade. She just doesn't have the "It" factor that superstars have, or need to have to make it to that level. I think she has potential because she can clearly dance. She just needs to up her music game, cuz yeah the song, to me, just doesn't have replay value. I'll give it a few more listens before I commit to that statement though.
  14. Same here and the song sucks. She'll never make it big if she and her team keep accepting shitty songs and think good choreography is gonna save it. All these years she been solo and still mediocre music and nobody writing hits for her. I'm rooting for her but her future is looking to end up like Tinashe
  15. I honestly didn't even notice the sample until someone pointed it out. I think the video, and specifically the choreography, are getting more attention than the song itself. The song, to me, is just ok. It feels more experimental than anything in the sense of the label and producers trying to find a sound that works for her.
  16. Agreed! The heavy Aaliyah sample carries the song too much to the point I just want to listen to the original. But the visuals n choreo for the video are NEXT level for Normani. But idk if she’ll really breakout into a big star even if her talent is clearly there.
  17. I think the video is upstaging the song, if that makes sense.
  18. Did this ever happen? Did I miss it!
  19. People still laugh at me for having one. But I have all my music on one device that I can take anywhere, and it's compatible with pretty much everything Apple related. I have full control over what I listen to, and I don't need an internet connection to play my stuff either. It beats Spotify/Apple Music/etc imo.
  20. I still listen to my ipod in my car. I literally have no idea what else people use to listen to their music other than their phone. I don't like listening to music on my phone. I like smaller devices which is why I still use my ipod.
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