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  1. Fuck him. I don’t accept his fake ass apology. I will never forget going on to her official forum right after the SuperBowl. They had to shut it down due to the extreme traffic (they had over 1,000 users). And most of all, the racism. I had never seen the N word written so many times in my life and the amount of times she was called a monkey. And the place wasn’t moderated. It slowly woke up the activist in me and to see him be complicit on watching a legend be destroyed and it took him getting dragged because of his relationship with a white woman to apologize? Nah. Fuck
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  2. At least there's a lot of media coverage about this "apology" in my country. In fact, the biggest media outlets even write that Janet got the blame AND that her career was sabotaged. People are waking up.
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  3. Can't take the apology seriously either. It's just way too late. The damage is done. There's no repairing what was done. I'm sure neither Janet nor Britney care about it for these exact reasons.
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