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  1. She NEEDS to collaborate with Tessandra Chavez again!!! That China Love choreo was
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  2. Reassessing Janet Jackson's 'Control' and legacy : It's Been a Minute with Sam Sanders : NPR
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  3. I watched some of his videos. While I do think he is an extremely good dancer, I personally don't like the style of his coreography. It's too stiff and they're using too much hands and the back is straight instead of moving the whole body. I also don't think this is the style Janet can do best. I understand she likes the attitude of the dance style but she's not that good at it. Sorry, but Tina and even Gil knew better.
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  4. I am NOT travelling to the US anytime I wanna see something about Janet. I did it in 2015. Janet needs to learn about our European worth, establish as she lives here!
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