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  1. I do think for Millennials, Beyonce is the biggest star of her generation. What she has over the folks you mentioned is longevity. The others fizzled out while she still remained relevant and that helped to grow her name/story. Do I think she has a big machine behind her? Yes, but she's used it to her benefit so more power to her. Personally, I think she's a fantastic performer, good singer, and good dancer. Her music isn't for me and hasn't been for me in many years, but I respect her hustle and work ethic to do what she needed to do to become BEYONCE. My iPhone even corrects the proper spelling of her name which says a lot about her stature. It'll be interesting to see what happens to her as she continues to age and what she continues to do as Pop music is very fickle with women, but Beyonce has been consistent.
  2. Unfortunately racism IS everywhere and is structural, which is the real problem.
  3. I do think a Black American woman would’ve caught some heat in 2001 with that title.
  4. I didn’t know of Toxic but it explains why I like the song so much. I did know of Slave 4 U and I’m glad Janet turned it down. I feel the same way. But then again Pharrell was talking that “New Blacks” mess a few years ago, so I shouldn’t be surprised. He hasn’t aged right since.
  5. I’m fine with the dragging. And the weird thing is that this statement was said months ago but it’s now viral. But whatever. Toucan Sam deserved it.
  6. Yeah. Her last two popular tweets are people dancing to the song. It’s called “Jerusalema” by Master KG. I think the song has over 100 million views on YouTube now. It was released months ago and then started to really take and the dance went viral. I think she tagged the artist in her tweet She seems to be in an Afrobeat kind of mood which in some ways I’m wondering if she’s hinting about her musical direction. And I too hope and believe that she will teach Eissa.
  7. I rarely watched her stories or anybody else’s really. Her last tweet had over 32k likes because that dance went viral earlier in the summer and that song has been played all over Africa this summer. It’s a very popular song. It’d be awesome if she actually did the dance to draw more attention to it.
  8. I honestly love this video but she’s got to have more engaging captions and promote herself. I admittedly don’t pay too much attention to her Sunday motivation messages, because... she can do better.
  9. I honestly haven’t seen the footage. I just heard about it because I don’t have the heart to see it. It’s just like with Elijah McClain. I only read about his last words and it was enough to seriously upset me. I just need a break from having that imagery in my head. And yeah, Chadwick’s passing moved me. I really appreciate what he did to leave an imprint in such a short period of time.
  10. I don’t blame you. In some ways it’s a coping mechanism.
  11. After Jacob Blake, I finally decided to take a day off work. It was nice. I got to do yoga and meditate.
  12. Lipstick Alley. Granted the creator of the thread did give credit to this forum.
  13. This thread is being mentioned on another forum... interesting.
  14. I think it’s an old picture. Regardless, it’s good to see her.
  15. Cute! I can see Aimetoons did the drawing. I love her work.
  16. 365 Days F for plot but that’s not why I watched it
  17. I’m so glad you kept your sense of humor lmaooo. I did get tested because I felt a sore throat but luckily I didn’t have anything. However I no longer travel to keep myself safe. I may see family if I start to see the curve flattening but I’ve been living very natural. I had a colleague almost lose a spouse and he’s still recovering so it’s very sobering to hear stories.
  18. She looks so much like Mama K-Jacks here. I love the braids.
  19. I’m not going to lie. I tested up reading your post. I’m sooo grateful that you’re still here with us. How are you feeling? I know of a people that have had a long road to recovery. And you’re right: this is not to play with. I haven’t seen my family yet because of the spike in cases and I’d hate to either get it or get my parents sick.
  20. OMG! I’m so glad to hear that you’re recovering. When did you start feeling off?
  21. She wouldn’t be the first artist to do this. I’m 100% sure Beyoncé went on tour in 2013 months before she dropped her self-titled album. It’s not new for artists to phase it in while on tour. It could be a myriad of reasons: not having the album finished yet, still working through a promo schedule, etc. Those things could’ve been in work while touring.
  22. Got my cancellation notification today. Totally understand why. I hope she puts out a statement though.
  23. I would agree with this. I’ve limited the amount of news I’ve watched just to guard my own sanity. And then at times I’ve watched shows like The Office or 90 Day Fiance to remind myself to laugh. I may start journaling.
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