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  1. I’ve been to both. I think her choreography was great both times. There was a certain fierceness in her during SOTW where I felt like she was channeling her anger from her marriage into her performance. There’s a different sense of “I’m here” in her residency. I will say that I’ve probably sat in similar positions both times (center stage, fifth and fourth rows) and I can’t take my eyes of her when she performs. She’s mesmerizing. The difference to me is the higher production value in her residency compared to SOTW. And I think the choreography was equal. For instance I defin
  2. I agree with you wholeheartedly on the Handmaid’s Tale. This season dragged until the last few episodes and unless they start closing up storylines they will have nowhere else to go. I think one more season is it as it’s starting to feel redundant.
  3. And every episode of Season 3 pretty much ends in a closeup of her damn face. They have to get more creative or they will lose the audience. It it sounds like I need to check out Queen of the South.
  4. Because she’s sooooooooooooo impulsive. So many people have died/gotten in trouble because of her inability to think things through. I also don’t want them to do anymore close ups of her face. I can’t take it anymore lol. But it’s a great show lmao
  5. It’s a great show even though the main character works my nerves. I’m about three episodes behind.
  6. Sometimes you’re ahead of your time. I and a few other Janet fans wrote the blacklisting petition back in 2006 (!) about her blackballed by the industry. I decided at 19/20 that I would be okay with putting my name down as the author. I got a lot of support (over 1k signatures which was a lot at the time), some small outlets reporting it, and a ton of hate mail of people not believing that Janet was being blackballed. It took over a decade for her to be vindicated and the fans that wrote it were never acknowledged by her team nor the media. And you know what? I’d do it all over again.
  7. I actually play the album more than AFY. I felt that AFY had stronger commercial appeal on a few tracks but I preferred DJ as an album.
  8. I finally finished Jane the Virgin. I’m super behind on the Handmaid’s Tale and it sounds like I need to catch up.
  9. I’ll give out more suspensions if y’all don’t learn how to talk to people.
  10. This is a good one. Visually, I prefer MFN but overall? RWU. Outstanding video and I prefer the song to MFN.
  11. So, I won’t and do not want this to turn into a bash fest. I will say say that it’s been a decision that I wrestled with for some time as he wasn’t always breaking forum rules but was teetering on it. I had to take a step back as I read MANY threads (some reported and others at random) to see what kind of environment his behavior was creating. Some of it was how he behaved with other fans and others are the way he voices his displeasure with Janet, especially music that didn’t come from AFY. This is just a small instance of repeated behavior. He definitely is a huge fan of Ja
  12. Great. Through reviewing multiple threads and looking at the overall body of work, your legacy is secured. Thank you for your contributions to the community and hopefully you will engage with other members of this forum outside of this medium. Take care, Angie
  13. It’d be a ban that was almost 18 years in the making. Most of your assessments and opinions are illogical, half baked, nonsensical and add no value which is why you resort to the tactics you employ to unsuccessfully distract from you obscene lack of reasoning and critical thinking skills. It’s almost borderline abuse to have to keep subjecting forum members to you. It’s about time I recognized you as the court jester you are.
  14. Keep being antagonistic and you'll find yourself on the outside looking in. The act is getting tired. There are lots of songs /albums where I’ve disagreed with the general consensus of the fans, yet there’s no need to be disrespectful. Your act is tired.
  15. No. Nothing was going to stop Usher that year. It was his time. Damita Jo probably would’ve started off hot off of the strength of her name and then would’ve tapered off and still had respectable numbers.
  16. And I echo the sentiments on the production value. She really stepped it up with this residency.
  17. It was packed. I was in the fourth row and she was AMAZING. I just got back from the meet and greet and I could hardly talk because I didn’t want to burst into tears lol. She was very complimentary of my hair.
  18. She looks so much better here than what she wore to the LA premiere. I appreciate her dressing for her curves and I love darker hair on her.
  19. I was excited until I saw the clips... I’ll just wait for it to be released for streaming. I’m sure it’ll do well but it’s not doing it for me.
  20. The fallout from that was embarrassing. Jane should’ve never issued a statement but since then she’s been doing her own thing. The fan base is attractive though.
  21. No. I can’t think of any mature fan base off the top of my head based on my experiences of interacting with them for the last 19 years online.
  22. Let me be honest: I read the spoilers for this week so I already knew what was coming. I’ve been so disappointed in this season that I’m not even gonna rewatch old episodes because it’s now ruined for me.
  23. Yeah. I’m not checking for prequels neither.
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