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  1. He’s definitely a New Yorker. His accent is a dead giveaway
  2. I love this openness that’s happening right now. I’m also confused because I don’t know what to do it because I’m not used to it lol. She’s singing, smiling, smizing, posing, and dancing. I love it so much. I’m just so happy for her because she seems happy.
  3. Yasssss! And she’s wearing my favorite lipstick from MAC!
  4. I don’t like her makeup in those pictures.
  5. She looks beautiful! I love the color! I’m probably gonna go back to burgundy now lol
  6. I’m enjoying hearing Janet sing! She’s in such a good head space.
  7. I can appreciate a good smize lol
  8. Beautiful pieces. Ain’t in my budget right now with the holidays coming up, but beautiful pieces.
  9. Janet has been cute these past few days on social media.
  10. Or sometimes you just don’t want to bother them. I’ve met a lot of celebrities this year, most by happenstance, and I only took a picture with one. The rest? I may have said hello to some and did some small talk, but for the most part I didn’t, and kept it moving. I think that was why I read some years back, why certain celebrities enjoyed living in places like NY because to your point, people are just trying to go about their day.
  11. I agree with Free regarding SOTW. Outside of Vegas, I’ve only seen Janet in LA and I’ve been seeing her consistently since 2008. It doesn’t matter what city I’m living in, I will fly to her show in LA. When she did SOTW the first go round, I was living in Dallas and I was telling a coworker I was going to go see her in LA. As soon as I mentioned it he told me his friend and his wife went to the concert and they were STILL raving about her dancing and were calling it a comeback. That was one of the few times I’ve heard someone off the cuff talk about her like it was 1994 at work. And when I went in LA I knew what he was talking about. Sometimes when you’re giving me that kind of energy, and Janet moved like she had something to prove, IDGAF what your production looks like. She was a beast and that’s why that particular tour stands out to me when I think of post-prime Janet. What she lacked in production, she more than made up in energy to me. I would say her least memorable to me was probably #1s and I went to see her twice on that one as she did a few nights in LA. What stood out to me was being able to meet her family.
  12. I’m surprised the Grammys said something considered they didn’t give the album its just due when it was time.
  13. This is still my favorite album of all time. It is is kind of crazy to think she made such an iconic and legendary album at an incredibly young age.
  14. This thread is solely about celebrating the birth of one of the most iconic albums of all time. Post articles, pictures, thoughts, and memories to help commemorate the 30th anniversary of this groundbreaking album.
  15. I mean... she’s being honest and folks are trying to read wayyy too much into it. I think if she was working on releasing she would’ve just said it. She’s a music artist. It wouldn’t have been earth shattering. Some of us sound like Rihanna fans right now.
  16. So basically all this speculation was over a song? I’m just letting Janet do her lol
  17. It’ll probably take the same amount of time it took for Ruff to be heard.
  18. She outpaced quite a few heavy hitters. The interest is still there for her which is great.
  19. Angela

    VMA'S 2019.

    I didn’t watch it but I heard Missy only got seven minutes?
  20. Cute video. I just don’t like any of her songs.
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