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  1. I’m not watching. Y’all can tell me your thoughts and I’ll read about it.
  2. I can live with Dany going Mad Queen but her journey there was a complete and total mess. And you’re right: it’s like the creators realized they didn’t do a good enough job so they had to add all that in the beginning and it was too much “telling” and not enough showing.
  3. Last episode they found a Starbucks cup and this episode they’ve now spotted a cameraman in the show. Who the hell is in charge of editing? They had two years.
  4. She did more damage to an entire army with one dragon than she was ever able to do with three dragons and a large ass army. Also, I thought most of the Dothraki were dead? Where did all of these ones come from? The show isn’t even consistent from episode to episode let alone season to season anymore. I’m probably not going to watch the finale. I’ll just read about it.
  5. At this point, I want them all to die. So so you mean to tell me Tyrion wasn’t trying to trip Dany up? He’s just that stupid? And for the love of God, what is the point of Bran Stark?
  6. This episode was a disaster. Bells set her off? Really? Cersei gets a romantic ending? WTF was her plan anyway? It was like she had no strategy. Arya should’ve died. Just a mess all around.
  7. This is true! They’re very snobby lol. I only wanted the books done so there’d be enough clever dialogue. Season 8 is better with the timing and pace compared to Season 7 but they probably should’ve just done ten episodes to let the story flesh out more.
  8. It damn sure wasn’t but the writing is a mess and it has been for a couple of seasons now. GRRM should’ve finished the damn books.
  9. Dany is gonna burn shit down and I will still stan. It will be disappointing for her character arc but I’m ready for it.
  10. I’m surprised Daenerys hasn’t killed Tyrion yet. All of his advice has been terrible. Even though he annoyed the hell outta me, Jorah should’ve been her hand. Tyrion has been getting it wrong since he became her hand.
  11. I already see how this story is going to end with Dany. RIP Missandei
  12. Right?! I could see a lot of it but I shouldn’t be struggling and they need to remember that the viewer needs to be at least be able to see to understand. I had to rewatch the dragon fight because I was confused as all hell.
  13. Also, I was sad to see Beric die. He was a good man.
  14. That was stressful as hell! I absolutely love Arya! But I will say the way the Night King died was kinda weak. I wanted to see him in combat. I figured Arya would be the one to kill him after her conversation with Melisandre. I’m over Sansa and her being annoying and useless. I’m also completely over Bran. I am gonna miss Lady Mormont. I was surprised to see Dany actually fight. She’s surprisingly a better fighter than Sam who is a liability. I didn’t care about Jorah dying. I won’t miss Theon. Excellent episode and the music was fantastic.
  15. The first two episodes were us reliving some of our favorite side characters because they’re gonna start dying. This was a means of providing closure when their story inevitably ends. I didn’t mind it. What I do mind is the dialogue.
  16. I’m not shocked that Dany didn’t say anything about incest. She’s the product of incest and that’s how her house gets down. Her parents are brother and sister and many Targs married their siblings. Aegon the Conqueror was married to his two sisters. Jon didn’t say anything neither when he found out. Neither did Sam and Bran when they figured out Jon’s true parentage so I’m not shocked that she didn’t mention that he was family because nobody else had in the show. Is anybody noticing Tyrion’s face?! He looks guilty as hell and is making too many mistakes for a man of his intelligenc
  17. I wish GRRM had finished the books so the dialogue would be better. The writing has fallen off significantly once the show outpaced the books. I have my eyes on Tyrion. I’ve been side dying him since Season 7.
  18. I’m probably not gonna watch but I did see clips of her performance. She did really well. I wish I had gone to that as opposed to going to OTR II.
  19. Maybe the video will help make the song interesting...
  20. She deserves it. If you look at her chart success of her songs, it’s incredible, even with the controversy of how she got some of those placements.
  21. Metamorphosis starts with Vegas. I have no idea what that cruise thing was. I’m just hoping the check cleared before she got on stage.
  22. While it was updating there was some sort of snag it encountered, so I reached out for help. It took longer than intended.
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