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  1. Teena Marie is an R&B legend. It's not really debatable and I was never nothing more than a casual listener of hers And if you had made a thread about her last month, you'd be better off instead of confusing her with that irrelevant, generic, manufactured "artist," known as Teairra Mari
  2. I remember that I also vaguely remember Toni's statement. It was pretty damn shady
  3. These performances, the one iJanet posted, and "A Quiet Place" make me so angry that she lost her voice.
  4. Whitney was giving her that "Bitch please get the note right" look at the end. I love it
  5. Whitney and it's not even close.
  6. I wasn't a big fan of hers, but I'm actually really sad and shocked about her passing. May she RIP
  7. I really enjoyed COADF but I don't think I want another one. What I liked about COADF was that it was fresh. There wasn't much I liked about HC.
  8. Angela

    Forum Awards

    I apologize. I've been so busy with work; we actually had our own Awards ceremony and party, and I had to coordinate it for 350 people. So, now that it's over (the party was yesterday), I have a lot more free time to coordinate this awards. I'm shooting for sometime next week. I need to get the categories managed and have awards made. If I can get the awards made, then I will absolutely be able to get everything going for next week. I'm sorry.
  9. Honestly, the tax cuts still piss me off. Just like the public option. But, I am very happy to hear about DADT.
  10. How can you tour with no material? People don't pack stadiums to see a passing fad. Poor dear.
  11. I like that Wissam is very unassuming. What I like about JD is that regardless of how he went about professing it, it was very clear that he had Janet's back even though the results weren't always favorable.
  12. If anything, Alicia should have a found a way to align herself with that facebook campaign against child abuse. That is effective.
  13. I had no idea of that this was even going on. Terrible promotion.
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