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  1. Joey doesn't like GIl.. I don't understand why he would waste his time..
  2. I'm sure adding more songs from the new album will come with the 2nd or 3rd leg.. Right now it's 5 songs from Unbreakable..
  3. Have you been to the show yet? Scream gets one of the loudest reaction from the audience..\ And if she did the full songs she would have to leave a few of them out.. That would piss off a lot of people..
  4. It is a copy and paste.. This was posted on another board.. ATRL.net.
  5. Concert review: Janet Jackson reigns at ChastainSeptember 27, 2015 BY LIZ MINIET, Atlanta Journal-Constitution Music BlogWhen Mother Nature messed with Janet Jackson’s first Atlanta concert in four years, she forced the pop star to live up to the title of her tour and new album: “Unbreakable.”The crowd waiting Saturday night at Chastain Park Amphitheatre sat in rain that picked up again each time they thought it was over, but when Jackson appeared on stage about 15-20 minutes past the scheduled 8 p.m. start, her fans’ reaction was joyous.How joyous? Let’s just say the Falcons live for the day
  6. Beside The Fox Theater which holds around 4000 people.. This is one the bigger smaller venues in Atlanta.. This was just a tease and if the tickets for Philips Arena wasn't close to selling out, I'm sure they will now.. Although it rained on and off the whole damn night.. I don't think anyone had an issue.. The place was packed and everyone was standing the whole concert.. I had a great time and seeing Janet up close made up for the rain..
  7. oh.. A lot of stores were sold out of rain ponchos.. I went to 3 different stores and the lady in Walmart had to go in the back for a new box.. 97 cents.. lol
  8. This is a very popular venue.. Normally it would be around mid 70's with no rain.. They have a summer concert series every year...
  9. Well we damn sure ate.. Taco Mac.. and we got free food because the dumb waitress keep forgetting to bring stuff to our table. On top of that a damn bug crawled across the table...
  10. Of course it would be an outdoor venue with rain and no cover.. Looks like it might stop right around the time she goes on stage and start back up when the show is over..
  11. It damn sure did and I was really close to the exit... I could have taken a nap while waiting.. I also didn't let no one get in front of me.. You will wait just like I had to.. For Atlanta I'm getting there early and parking right at the exit of the lot..
  12. Why would she be banned? It was set up as a maybe from the beginning.. It wasn't like she just didn't show up with telling anyone..
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