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  1. Thanks! I'm indeed in my 20s and I'm from the Netherlands!
  2. The 'All For You' video has been UNBLOCKED!!! The quality is sooo good but it should have 100+ million views fr
  3. Apparently, the album will be releases on 6.25! We already kinda knew the album was planned to be released in June, but now it's truly a matter of weeks until we get new Janet material!
  4. This doc will focus on the aftermath. And 99% of the people have no idea that she was blacklisted. So yeah, this doc is a good thing. We all know SOMETHING was planned during the performance, but that's not the emphasis in this documentary.
  5. Well, we know that Les Moonves was involved and that Janet's music was actively blacklisted. I'm sure this doc will give us more insights and I'm sure most people are not even aware of this entire blacklist. When I mention Janet Jackson, people usually react very positive about her, but they always say: "Where did she go? What happened? I haven't heard her music in ages, but she was really good!"
  6. Shouldn't the entire world know what happened to Janet's career and how it was manipulated?
  7. As long as the doc won't 100% focus on the incident itself, it will be good! People have enough of that. What people DON'T know yet is that Janet's career was sabotaged and that the effects of that are STILL very visible. I'm certain that Viacom and Les Moonves will be exposed, so this doc is more than welcome. (And yes, I think Janet would be happy about that).
  8. https://www.lofficielusa.com/film-tv/janet-jackson-2004-super-bowl-incident-new-documentary-framing-britney-spears-producers https://pagesix.com/2021/04/26/framing-britney-producers-making-janet-jackson-super-bowl-doc/
  9. I don't know about you guys, but I feel like an announcement for tour dates might be coming soon.
  10. Noo!! For most fans, the actual costumes are way to expensive, but buying some furniture that was once owned by Janet is something fans are willing to pay for (it's not that expensive , unless many fans will bid on those things).
  11. I wonder what she's up to. It would be a bit soon to get in shape for the world tour already... I think they're getting her + her team ready to do new photoshoots and some music videos!
  12. Tony Martinez (Janet's personal trainer) just posted a comment on @allforjanetclub post on Instagram saying he just got back from London training Janet... Hmm.....
  13. Yeah, well I don't think people care that some parts of the janet. World Tour are a bit similar to the TVR. We as fans will buy/stream a commercial release nevertheless and if promoted properly, the general public will too (I mean, come on, it's Janet!! ). I started to think: maybe we're getting some footage from that tour (and other tours) in the upcoming doc.
  14. Music-wise, that would be great. Touring-wise, I don't see that happening. Janet is definitely waiting to kick-off the project until she can -at least- announce the new tour dates. She won't make a profit if there is not a tour. Chances are big that we can actually return to concerts early next year, and maybe even later THIS year. However, nothing is certain yet, that's why Janet hasn't announced any dates yet.
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