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  1. We gotta move on at some point... Thank God the vaccins are approaching fast.
  2. https://www.instagram.com/p/CH1G5YypXDe/?igshid=j2wtvru3pnjj Jan hinting Black Diamond for the first time since a loooong time
  3. Me neither. If it won't be Summer 2021, it will most likely be Fall or Spring 2022. That's alright with me as well, lol.
  4. Early next year would be much earlier than I expect(ed), but it seems kind of realistic. Cincinatti Festival she was supposed to perform at has been rescheduled to July '21, so if the vaccines are moving along well, a world tour starting next Summer MIGHT be possible. Album release in Spring or early Summer would be great in that case!
  5. http://janetjackson.com.br/en/2020/11/13/tommy-parker-on-making-janet-jacksons-new-album/
  6. Oh please. I have many friends that live in the US (some of which happened to be Trump supporters), and over here we see and hear what's going on in your country. Just because I don't physically live there doesn't mean I can't share my opinion. I've followed US politics for a very long time, and I've followed all candidates for a long time. My friends overseas tell me what happens, and some are happy with it and some aren't. Looking at recent numbers, it shows that support for Trump from minorities (latinos, Afro-Americans) even has increased. Also, I stick to my first statement re
  7. Very well. Thanks for asking.
  8. If you like Trump or not, can we at least agree that he is absolutely right about the fake news media? They've done literally anything to destroy MJ and JJ's legacy. Donald Trump might not be ideal, but he knows dammn well how the media works. Whether Janet (secretly) supports Trump or not, I think the main reason she liked and commented to that post was because of what Randy wrote down about how the mainstream media manipulates shit and try to make certain people look extremely bad. Janet knows this too and so does Trump.
  9. I noticed Janet removed her comment earlier today, but re-posted her comment about an hour ago. Whether she supports Trump or not; the guy in the video made some very good points.
  10. Oooohhh that sounds good! I actually imagined Janet rocking a green or blue haircut and i think it would be We better have that Bruno Mars duet on Black Diamond and it should definitely be one of the singles. Billboard Hot 100 top 10 incomin'!!!
  11. UK. They're not playing Janet on VH1. Yeah, TBTILAF with Luther Vandross, but Janet isn't in the music video.
  12. She is not just being blacklisted in the US, unfortunately. Also, I think all artists are awaiting vaccines, not just Janet. It just so happens that Janet was supposed to go tour, so I suppose -once it's safe- Janet will announce those dates of the American leg.
  13. MC & Whitney aren't blacklisted. He should've stayed quiet, yes. I want Janet to speak out on the album and tour, but I understand their situation. I hope that by Spring or Summer 2021 there will be several working vaccines, so Janet can announce the new tour dates (starting Fall 2021-early 2022?). But that's all depending on how fast we have vaccines.
  14. It wasn't in this video. It was in a livestream about two days ago. That's my guess. I don't see her pushing back the album to 2022. The tour perhaps. On the other hand, if the entire project will start in 2022 it's not THAT terrible. 2022 is already in a year and 3 months. Time flies by like lighning in the sky.
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