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  1. Lifetime/A&E could definitely sell the doc to a streaming service and to international tv channels as well. A documentary is a great way for Janet to sell her album and tickets for the tour as well! The world wants to see this doc and many countries will broadcast it too.
  2. It's long overdue... Imagine if all her videos were available/unblocked in 2009/2010. Views would've been pretty high by now i guess. And now imagine all her videos online since 2009/2010 AND she never faced the boycott. She would've had multiple videos with 100m+ views
  3. According to someone from Janet's team, they're working on getting her entire videography available/unblocked on YouTube.
  4. At least there's a lot of media coverage about this "apology" in my country. In fact, the biggest media outlets even write that Janet got the blame AND that her career was sabotaged. People are waking up.
  5. Tomorrow is the fourth edition of #JanetJacksonAppreciationDay! I feel like this is the one social media event where pretty much all Janet fans actually seem to participate in, LOL. How are you guys going to celebrate? And do you think Janet might be 'rewarding' us afterwards? (Like she did last year by posting her "Stay tuned"-post that turned into the Black Diamond announcement) Also, let's #StreamDamitaJo!
  6. The whole plan was to go on tour again and release an album alongside that. Of course she could release the album now, but what if she has to wait another full year before she can start a world tour? That's a risk, even if there's a whole plan promotion wise. Also, making an album is expensive and she's gotta make some good profit from it (which only a tour can bring).
  7. Janet just 'liked' this tweet. And she doesn't really 'like' a lot of tweets. Hmmmm...
  8. That's not the issue at all. Just releasing an album doesn't really bring in the $$$. A tour does. She gotta play it smart, especially in these times.
  9. Yup. He seen it as well, and actually liked the post. He knows what we think and what we desire, lol. Now it's time for Janet's team (+ Janet) to act. Lol.
  10. 100% agreed! I was thinking about all of this only a few days ago. I made a personal video about Janet not having all her videos (available) on YouTube, and some of the Janet Team saw it, but I doubt if they're going to act. It's so important though, and i wonder whats the issue.
  11. https://www.instagram.com/p/CJgwNGgLNo3/?igshid=1m130v0l9pbbr Do u guys think 2021 will be the year of Black Diamond? (With the tour POSSIBLY in the Fall or otherwise 2022?)
  12. I hope her team re-certifies Janet's numbers once they're kicking-off Black Diamond.... How long has it been exactly since her numbers were updated?
  13. Nope. Just saying "They BETTER...", but I'm not counting on any re-issues.
  14. This is great! They better announce re-issues of Damita Jo, 20 Y.O. and her first two albums as well for next month.
  15. We just gotta buy the album and pray that Rihanna or Adele doesn't release at the same time, lol.
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