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  1. UK. They're not playing Janet on VH1. Yeah, TBTILAF with Luther Vandross, but Janet isn't in the music video.
  2. She is not just being blacklisted in the US, unfortunately. Also, I think all artists are awaiting vaccines, not just Janet. It just so happens that Janet was supposed to go tour, so I suppose -once it's safe- Janet will announce those dates of the American leg.
  3. MC & Whitney aren't blacklisted. He should've stayed quiet, yes. I want Janet to speak out on the album and tour, but I understand their situation. I hope that by Spring or Summer 2021 there will be several working vaccines, so Janet can announce the new tour dates (starting Fall 2021-early 2022?). But that's all depending on how fast we have vaccines.
  4. It wasn't in this video. It was in a livestream about two days ago. That's my guess. I don't see her pushing back the album to 2022. The tour perhaps. On the other hand, if the entire project will start in 2022 it's not THAT terrible. 2022 is already in a year and 3 months. Time flies by like lighning in the sky.
  5. I'm not saying that he doesn't know (although he has been wrong about Janet related stuff before), but he shouldn't be the person telling us these things. It's unprofessional. I want her team to act more professional and people like Aktive simply need to zip it.
  6. So........ Dj Aktive spilled some info on his Instagram live this week. According to him, Black Diamond won't happen until 2022. I asked fans what he said exactly, but no one seems to be sure if he talked about the album or just the tour. However, it's weird that some tour dj (no shade) spills this info, right?! Also, what does he know? No one knows if artists can tour in 2022. Maybe we can go see tours next year. Not saying that it definitely can't be 2022, but Aktive is not the person who should talk about all this. If the project won't be happening til 2022, I want to hear it from Janet. Not the tour dj.
  7. A rare Janet interview from the Design Of A Decade-era has been released!
  8. 2 B Loved is literally one of my favorite songs from Unbreakable.
  9. One of the biggest radio stations in the Netherlands actually played 'All Nite (Don't Stop)' last week.
  10. I heard Mariah only had one (ONE!) album on this chart, and it was like #350 or something.
  11. This is BS and you know it. Janet pushed back the project.
  12. Gaga had already announced a release date back when the pandemic had started. Janet never did.
  13. Probably, but it's a risk. She wouldn't be able to promote it properly. I'd rather wait six more months or even longer if that meant good promo and a #1 album. Let's keep our fingers crossed for a vaccine by Spring, so she can go on tour in Summer 2021 and release the album right before that.
  14. Number Ones, Unbreakable and SOTW were all small in production. And even if the production for Black Diamond is bigger (certain big props on stage for instance), it would've been possible.
  15. How is that an issue? Didn't Janet perform in some small and some bigger venues with SOTW? Other artists with big staging also do it, and it works for them.
  16. They could go the Unbreakable-route. Release Euro-dates right after the album release. 10 to 15 shows all across Europe in venues with 5,000 to 15,000 seats. She has 6+ months to sell tickets, and some promo will definitely help. People KNOW she's an icon. And even if the shows don't sell out: no big deal. Mariah Carey's last show in Amsterdam only sold 3,000 tickets of the 15,000 available ones and there was no big deal about that at all.
  17. I think her priorities have changed. Once the album and its promotion is about to happen, she will start focussing on her career again. I know that we all want her (and her team) to work harder on spreading and establishing her legacy, but it is how it is. Her legacy is cemented worldwide. Okay, my generation doesn't really know her, but they will eventually. Maybe the Black Diamond promo will help with that. And older generations do know her music and still remember how big and influential she was. That hasn't changed. Come on, we both know how everything's changed. It's not 1998 anymore. Velvet Rope kicked-off in Europe and was a tremendous success. Of course she could've announced European dates first, but it's tricky as well after so many years. Unless she would perform in smaller venues: stadiums is a bit too ambitious. I guess 5,000 to 15,000 seat venues would totally work for Janet over here. If her touring record would've been more consistent over the last 20 years, stadiums would've been possible.
  18. Control was a big success in the Netherlands and the most played Janet singles over here are from that album. i think she really wanted to tour over here with SOTW, but LiveNation didn't feel confident about her selling out over here. With a new album: yes. But SOTW had nothing new. The US and Asia got tour dates, but those tickets pretty much sell themselves as these are her biggest markets nowadays. Thanks haha. As usual, artists don't announce all the dates right away. The European dates were probably just weeks away. She also said it on Fallon: "These are just the States" (talking about the world tour). the Blackstreet Boys never faced a big boycott, so selling tickets over here is much easier for them. Janets fans buy tickets, but they only fill up like 30% of a venue. The other tickets are bought by people that aren't necessarily fans, but they enjoy her and her music (because they hear it on the radio and see her on tv). It's much harder for Jan to sell those tickets, but for Black Diamond it seemed like she was really aiming at good promotion (for Unbreakable, there was no promo whatsoever). A couple of televised interviews in Europe will do.
  19. It was on top of her website, LOL. It said "European and other world dates soon to be announced".
  20. I think it's bad luck and circumstances. Janet was huge in Europe! After Unbreakable, the State Of The World Tour should've had a European leg, but LiveNation didn't want to invest in a European tour without a new album to promote. Janets team definitely wanted to work on her relationshop with the European fans, so they booked two big festivals that also drew media attention. Finally, for Black Diamond, she was really supposed to be touring over here with a proper leg, but then Miss Rona f***ed up everything. Praying for 2021
  21. That's true too. 1) She was/is blacklisted 2) Janet doesn't seem to be that interested in investing in her legacy like other artists do. She has a kid to raise, and like someone else stated here as well, Janet is aware that her legacy is already cemented. I just can't wait for this whole Corona-fiasco to be over, so we can get a properly promoted Black Diamond era.
  22. Cause radio and tv are not playing her music (videos)... And that does not only happen in the US. When I was a teen (around 2006-2014) I don't remember seeing Janets music on tv or hearing it on the radio. Yet, radio and tv WERE playing Mariah Carey...
  23. Nah she was really supposed to tour over here probably about now or next month . Imma keep hope for BDWT 2021.
  24. Janet was probably about to head to Europe
  25. I love how most people are taking this question so serious and are like "No, it's still Summer" (), while it's OBVIOUS she's hinting a winter release of Black Diamond...
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