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  1. Me too We NEED to make it happen! Janet will most likely get that #1 regardless, but if we can start a campaign for all fans to buy 2 copies we will succeed 100%.
  2. I think she shares some (especially the Insta stories), but definitely not all of them.
  3. Okay. Well, the Unbreakable album came out when the tour was 1 month in. That's reasonable. I meant that it would be illogical to release the album at the end of the tour. By now, the Black Diamond album probably would've been a few weeks from being released, but a single release in April or May would've been very possible considering all the great promo we were getting in February. Also, I think that beautiful picture Janet shared on her birthday is part of the album booklet.
  4. I would be sooo happy if she is still releasing this year. Tour next year. Makes sense.
  5. That wouldn't have made sense. The tour would've kicked-off in a few days. She was not gonna drop the first single after the first show (at least I don't think so). And yes, she said we would be getting the album before the end of the tour, but by now we would've had a release date and album cover. Why would you wait that long to reveal everything when the tour is already happening?
  6. True. By now we definitely would've had the first single + music video, album cover, album release date. On the other hand, we can still be excited for all these things at a later moment this year or 2021.
  7. Europe wants the tour But we're willing to wait til Corona is under control.
  8. She will. Gil said "I would wait to hear from her lips" on Instagram.
  9. It's just unfortunate that Gaga can't promote the album (and upcoming singles) anymore. Her Summer tour will be cancelled and I doubt if it will be rescheduled. She had the luck she already shot two music videos before the pandemic. That's why it's best for Janet to wait til at least late 2020.
  10. You're not selfish, you just want Janet to release music and so do I. I also want the promotion to be GOOD and I want music videos AND the world tour. Taking this all into consideration, it would be best for her to not release the album now but like around Christmas or early next year. We've already waited 4+ years for Unbreakable's follow up, we can wait another year. In the mean time, I enjoy myself by listening to the new Lady Gaga album.
  11. Ticketmaster sent e-mails to ticket holders.
  12. Black Diamond World Tour has officially been postponed. No new dates just yet. Hopefully the album will still be out later this year
  13. OMG I can totally see this as one of the pictures from the Black Diamond booklet tbh.
  14. Onbiously, Janet has nothing to prove. But like I said, why not? It's her birthday, and also, WE know this album (as does older generations), but the new generation mostly doesn't. AND it's a great reminder to all of those who kind of forgot about the RN album.
  15. Then how come Mariah and Madonna fans can pull off 1000+ sold copies of a 20, 25 year old album, simply to try to get it to #1? Why can't we do it? What's the difference?
  16. Hmmm.. you seem to get it! AND you understand the importance of the 1000 sold copies. Here's an idea: why not join?
  17. Rhythm Nation 1814 is as relevant as it was 31 years ago. Why NOT try to get it to #1 so that the non-fans and younger generation get to know about its existence? Madonna and Mariah fans can pull off a #1 iTunes album these days, why can't we?
  18. We could've done that, and you're free to do so, but we want to give Janet a #1 album on iTunes.
  19. Oh God no. Just postpone it to Summer 2021. We want a proper world tour. Release the album in November or December 2020. Perfect!
  20. Please join us on Janets Birthday and let's get Rhythm Nation 1814 to #1 on iTunes (purchase between 5pm - 8pm). Together we can make it happen and it would be the perfect birthday gift to her, right?
  21. Wow. I didn't even know this!
  22. Janet and Jermaine are on good terms these days. They really loved each other and letting out the Jermaine years would mean letting out the entire 2001-2009 era. And we all know some major things happened in these years...
  23. Janet's story is so unique and there's so much to tell... I'm totally okay with a biopic now instead of one in 10 or 20 years. It could be focused on her rise to stardom, but i'd love to see more insights in her private life and how she was treated... The Superbowl aftermath would be interesting as well and how she had to fight for her career. A lot of people don't really know that.
  24. Guess janet is gonna announce the tour postponement any day now. I hope she does announce the first single release tho.
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