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  1. I'm keeping my fingers crossed for the Bruno Mars collab. That will be fire and a Billboard Hot 100 smash!
  2. Guess i can live with that. I do hope she drops the first single later this year though. Something to build up the same excitment we all had 2 months ago
  3. Well... The year still has 8 full months left. I think there is still a very good chance we're getting the first single and a 50/50 chance we'll even get the album in 2020. Otherwise, 2021 is the year. Janet already said on this Ryan Seacrest interview that she will do something different with the BDWT. So, that's exciting. But maybe this quarantine time gives her new ideas and insights.
  4. Here's what I'm hoping for... ...Single + music video release in August (by that time small groups of people are allowed together so she can film the video and promote the single on tv shows) ...Album release in November/December, just in time for Christmas. ...Superbowl 2021 (A fan can dream, right?!?! And great promo for the tour) ...June 2021: World Tour kick-off
  5. I would not be surprised if Janet postpones the world tour to June - August 2021 (US leg). Then she can still do Essence in 2021 and she plays it safe. Imagine she postpones to the Fall of 2020 and the situation has not improved enough?
  6. Watch the situation get better in a few months. We won't get to concerts for a while, but smaller groups of people can probably get together (for a video/photo shoot for instance). I can still see the album being released in 2020 and I really hope it will.
  7. Right! Just like on the professional Rock Witchu Tour footage. They kind of muted the audience.
  8. Maybe she already filmed a music video right before this whole situation got worse in March.
  9. I'm not ignorant though. There is a big big chance the tour actually WILL be postponed. As long as we get the album this year.
  10. Essence has been postponed to the Fall. I bet the entire US leg will be postponed to the Fall.
  11. I have never seen Call On Me and So Excited in this quality haha. But it's still annoying that these videos are not available or blocked on her own page... Imagine how high her views would be.
  12. 5,000 to 15,000 seat-venues in Europe would sell out in Europe. Without promo. Especially in cities such as Amsterdam, London and Paris.
  13. The tour can wait but I need the dammn album to be released in 2020 no matter what
  14. But... didn't he direct Metamorphosis as well? I mean, Meta was pretty innovative, right?
  15. Honestly guys, I wouldn't count on the tour to happen this Summer. Europe is a MESS, and the situation is much worse than we thought about a month ago. Young, healthy people are also hospitalized and the same thing will probably happen in the US. This won't be all over in a month or 3. Unfortunately. They say it might become better when the temperatures rise, but we don't know that.
  16. There will be more promo really soon. She's still working on the album, so of course she's not promoting everywhere right now. I'm more concerned about Corona f****ing up the tour. She might be postponing the US leg. As for Europe, under normal circumstances she would be announcing our leg by April or May (with the tour taking place here in the Fall). I think the Corona 'fear' will be over by that time, but she might be waiting a little longer.
  17. I posted my setlist a few weeks ago here, and it has several Damita Jo songs on it and 2 from Unbreakable.
  18. Janet has been using the hashtag #GoingIN on Instagram several times this week. Perhaps the title of the first single?
  19. I bet she will pick up the promotion once the single comes out.
  20. Ugh, I don't want to wait til April for the single... Let's keep the momentum high and release the single not later than mid-March Jan.
  21. Gotta say, her team seems to work on promoting. There are ads on subways and there was also promotion on several music websites.
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