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  1. I hope the first single won't take too long... hopefully in a week or two/three.
  2. BDWT is still one of the best selling tours when you check Ticketmaster. It's totally normal that sales decline a bit, because the fans have bought their tickets. Now it's up to more promotion. I've seen lots of posts of billboards and ads all across the US, so that's a good sign. The single + music video release , album cover release, and of course the album release will result in better sales. In all honesty, I'm more concerned about an area like Europe where her team REALLY needs to promote. The US tickets will pretty much sell themselves in the coming months.
  3. what are your thoughts on this? BLACK DIAMOND WORLD TOUR SETLIST New song (up-tempo) Control Runaway The Exciting Mix: So Excited, LUV, All Nite (Don't Stop), Go Deep, Make Me Damita Jo New song (sexy, upbeat) If / Black Cat (mix) Nasty What Have You Done For Me Lately Dammn Baby The Ballad Mix: Let's Wait Awhile, Come Back To Me, Again, Everytime New song (ballad) Feedback (slow, sexy version) The Escapade Mix: Miss You Much, Doesn't Really Matter, When I Think Of You, Just A Little While, Someone To Call My Lover, Escapade That's The Way Love Goes New song (R&B slow jam) The R&B Mix: I Want You, Got 'Til It's Gone, No Sleeep, Anything, I Get Lonely Rhythm Nation Because Of Love / All For You (mix) Together Again Made For Now + band introduction Encore: Love Will Never Do (Without You) Better Days / Enjoy (mix) New song
  4. The difference with Fallon is though that Carpool Karaoke is more low-key, not in front of hundreds of people like on an actual talkshow. It's just the two of them in a car and if something need to be edited, they can. Different vibe. Besides, James Corden is pretty much leading the entire segment. Janet just has to sit there and sing along a little bit (or just giving some nice adlibs here and there). Remember when Britney was on CK? Now, that was awkward haha.
  5. I will share my ultimate setlist tomorrow, but i need her to do 'Better Days'...
  6. Hmmm... I don't think that should be a big issue. She only has to sing along to her own songs on the radio. It's not like she has to sing acapella haha. And James Corden always sings along too (and pretty loud haha).
  7. After Jimmy Fallon, Ryan Seacrest & The View it should be time for Janet to be on Carpool Karaoke, right?! I can already envision what it would look like.
  8. Already more promotion than the entire Unbreakable era. Her team is on fire! Hope they keep on doing this promotion THIS well. Still praying for Carpool Karaoke...
  9. I really want that duet on the album!! And YES, please as first single! Great way to (re)introduce her to new audiences. Incoming #1 single!
  10. Tonight would be THE moment to announce the album.
  11. Must be the album title too! And I've been reading a world tour so #JJ12 is gonna be called 'Black Diamond'? She better announce the album tonight!
  12. According to an article, Janet will be performing in Buffalo on Tuesday, July 21. The article is from EXACTLY 1 year ago though. The date Tuesday, July 21 DOES match with this year though. Yesterday, a fan said on Facebook that Janet was scheduled to perform in Toronto, Canada in July. If all this is true, it seems like she's heading on a US tour. NO WAY she's doing that without new music/an album. And it has gotta lead into a world tour (perhaps)... we'll see...
  13. I partially agree. Her last shows were New Zealand, Australia, Hawaii, San Fran & Minnesota, but the Australian festival shows were just short sets. No spectacular things. Just Janet, and as many hits as possible done in 50 mins. New music definitely needs to come in order to do something new and it will come. Hopefully very soon before she hits the road again on a (world) tour.
  14. I want her team to be smart. If she's only just announcing another Vegas residency it seems like a missed oppurtunity because she doesn't need a talkshow to promote an upcoming tour (SOTW & Meta only had promotion through her social media). At the Tonight Show she should announce something like a new single and/or an album release date. But hey, that's just me.
  15. We will get new music soon. And hopefully she will announce it on Monday
  16. I'm reading that lots of fans actually do expect her to perform a new single and/or announcing a new album. I don't want to get my hopes up too high so I am just assuming she's announcing a 2nd Vegas residency or US tour..
  17. @james__mitsoty. But i didn't recognize other dancers so it might be a non-Janet thing...
  18. I hope hope hope she performs a new single and announces the album... it would be perfect!
  19. According to one of the dancers, they're rehearsing... Seems like a performance to me.
  20. So this "Stay Tuned" post... What does it mean? I really want to believe it's a new single followed by an album announcement but i don't want to get my hopes up too high so I expect it's 'just' tour dates
  21. This got me pretty hyped. They're working on the next single. I'd say a release within 4 months.
  22. Oh yeah totally. I'm not counting on anything haha.
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