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  1. Got my vinyl today. That's a single release done right! Awesome mixes. The credits are fucked up tho. No mention of Jimmy & Terry, who produced the vocals.. I had no idea Randy was the other executive producer of the song tho. Loving the transparent red color too. Def one of my favorite singles ever just cause of the artwork and amazing mixes.
  2. I dunno about streaming but radio was eager to play the song in Europe and a dj even mentioned how good it is on air, but they were not able to play because it wasn't available via official channels. So there def was potential way more than some of you claim. Even The Great Forever had a promo single for radio. MFN did not.
  3. BMG has failed with pretty much every artist they've signed so far, so I think their business isn't doing too well.
  4. Made for Now was hyped as hell when it came out and would've done much better had it been released on time instead of missing the radio premiere. I'm not crazy about it now, it's been a year and I've played the song to death but it was on repeat for months at my household, so what do you expect lol
  5. Great! UMe or UMG whatever it's called nowadays is rly the right channel for all out feedback.,
  6. Haha knowing Jimmy and Gil we'll probably get told we should be happy with what we got etc. We need to figure out a nice way to ask
  7. Oh absolutely agree. I originally asked for remastered albums on CD, but we got what we got. And the YT situation is ridiculous. I don't wanna pop in a DVD every time I wanna watch Together Again for example. The TVs nowadays scale it down to a messy looking lq video anyway. Rhythm Nation deserves an official remastered CD + Remixes CD release. Hell, throw the RN Short film in there too. The concert is on YT but a blu ray release bundle with the CD would've been epic too.
  8. We all know Janet.. She might have 3 different albums ready to be released and might end up not doing any of them lol.
  9. Mp3? I'd trade YAR if you got something I don't, but mp3s ain't stems. Unless u did with FG already
  10. No he didn't. He had no idea TA had leaked. I helped him out by giving him YAR to prove himself. Got a few things in return that I didn't have. The guy who he traded with is not exactly a nice person, and doesn't keep his end of the bargain. I almost got scammed by him a few days back. As for leaks, yeah they fking suck. Mainly cause Janet could've done something cool with them at one point but now they're out there, so I've stopped trading and holding on to the ones even those who pay for the stems are looking for. Ya'll can have MYM and stuff but the rarities stay locked up lol.
  11. Haha just a fan. I emailed Jimmy last year before Made for Now as I had a Reissue Janet-campaign on Change.org that made a few headlines and that was his response. He doesn't reply a lot so I would've preferred no response over that. I was smart enough to direct it at UMG instead of Janet & Jimmy alone, cause I knew a big label would see the potential vs. her team seeing the potential. And it worked.
  12. Totally agree with it being partially Janet's own doing - she just doesn't care for making a huge comeback and huge budget music videos. But at the same time her team is celebrating a dance no 1 like it was a global smash which makes it weird to me. I had to work my ass off to get those reissues out there, and to convince everyone there IS a huge demand for it. Jimmy told me he doesn't care about reissues and sees no point in doing them, but now he is celebrating the success of the releases. So I'm glad something I did had an impact and it was positive. But I always feel like I have to argue a
  13. I would agree with you but Janet's career has not been the same after 2004. She made several efforts to get back on the charts globally but it just never happened. There is no budget for big shows and visuals. Rock Witchu Tour proved that she couldn't break even with a big production show. Then all that stuff with Wissam, having a baby etc.. Her mind isn't exactly at breaking records right now. She's still changing things up on tour, performing songs we never thought she would. Her wardrobe has been very wtf since the new tour started but that's just what it is. Made for Now was a step in the
  14. Girls Make Beats Remix! I'd get it just for that remix. Damn! It's kind of hilarious how they admitted to screwing up the release, and when I sent them an email saying why is there no vinyl nor anything they replied with some meme and ridiculed the issue. Now that the reissued albums have proven to be successful they're rushing in to make some cash lmao. I truly hope Janet changes labels again.
  15. I'm glad the admin did the right thing. Game had been banned from every other damn forum ages back for destroying any proper conversation and bashing differing opinions, resulting in a bullying and hate. This forum is nowhere near as bad as some others, especially the one Janet's team lurks. I've left all forums but this. It was enough for me to be called an idiot and straight up bashed for making a petition to reissue Janet's albums on vinyl, which was long overdue. 99% of the feedback I received was negative and I got ridiculed. Now those same people are ordering every single reissued album
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