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  1. hello everyone, my name is josh and my twitter is janetologist. yall have probably interacted with me somehow on there. im just here to discuss anything janet and i discovered this forum a couple weeks ago and thought it would be a cool thing to join. im 20 and ive been stanning janet since i was 16. young fan but open to learn new things about janet. im also a mass communcation major and have a photography business. follow my janet instagram (if you want): janetelite my twitter: janetologist
  2. that and also if you pay attention to montage footages, shes puts footage from the tour in there, and also she also used 5 seconds of it for a fresh off the boat episode
  3. so how do yall explain back in 2015 when she posted a picture of the janet. tour and it looked like she was editing it??
  4. so do y’all think we will ever get the janet. tour?
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