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  1. is she wearing a boot and a heel
  2. she is gonna have that REVENGE BODYYYYYYYYY
  3. This bitch really came for Janet Courtesy @https://www.instagram.com/loyal2janet/?hl=en
  4. These outfits just reminds me so much of the look Janet was going for the promo for the new album before lockdown. And taking into considering she did a shoot with her abs showing and did a SOTW2 with her thighs showing. I think this would be approved. Anything here tbh If she came out in these we'd die like for Made For Now or If This for Alright' for like a someone to call my lover song
  5. Well personally I always liked to conceptualize shows and tell a storyline. Here at home I do that in school with plays and concerts and stuff
  6. yall i was bored and did yet again another black diamond tour setlist since they are kinda fun. As I stated earlier, Janet seems to not like quick quick head to toe changes as she ages more so than performing itself which is I see is why she did four7 min interludes on number ones tour and one four min interlude on unbreakable tour/state of the world tour which is why I made the setlist like this. I used the Metamorphosis template for this BEFORE ALBUM DROPS ON TOUR 1HR AND 45 MIN SHOW ACT 1 BLACK DIAMOND INTRO(This Time/Intro) new song("Empty"/"Trus
  7. I dont think they are that bad its just that for Janet, costume changes seem to be the hardest for her so if she does do a full out top to bottom change I hope she reviews with a great stylist on a costume that is worthwhile all the stress of putting on in only 4-7 mins which by the way imo the length of time I think she is comfortable with.
  8. wasn't that Unbreakable your referring to?
  9. Yep plus it was a short show so she could give all the songs her all. I think Unbreakable was also like that it just was just the costumes obstructing us seeing the choreo
  10. sis was 53 doing a backbend into a half a split. We may sometimes not see it but Janet is ATHLETIC
  11. Throughout Janet's career she has had some of the most intricate and sometimes painful to execute floor choreography that she seemingly does better with age. In my listing here these are my tours that included best to worst floor choreographies (not including rhythm nation or times she is just on the floor like Pleasure Principle on SOTW2 or What About on TVR) 1.)Rockwitu Tour(Feedback, So Much Betta, Rock With U) 2.)The Velvet Rope Tour(You) 3.) Janet. tour(If additional dance break, Black Cat) 4.)Metamorphosis(I Get Lonely, Throb floor choreo) 5.) State of The W
  12. I think she should've included the Rhythm Nation updated trap dance break from the EMAS after the "sing ig you want a better way of life part where she actually goes on the floor and gets up to do the EMA routine and end off the performance for Metamorphosis and if she had a second breakdown she could include the Knowledge(meta version) to end the song on bd tour
  13. 1.) The Velvet Rope Tour 2.)janet. tour 3.)Rock With U Tour/Number Ones Tour 4.)State of The World Tour (WITH THAT OUTFIT)(SOTW2) 5.)All For You Tour 6.)Metamorphosis/RN Anniversary Tour 7SOTW1/Unbreakable Tour
  14. Can I just say people sometimes knock off the Unbreakable Tour as her least dancing tour but I think she danced more on that Tour then on number ones. Janet herself danced one chorus and a dance break for majority of the medley songs(All For You, All Nite, BURNITUP) because she included more dancing songs on that tour than Number Ones which ran 1hr 30 mins(1 hr of performance not considering costume changes)
  15. I loved it too. Especially the second verse where she was sliding down the mirror but she performed that choreo on SOTW1 and it was better executed as well
  16. Same I'm in the Caribbean so she has never come here. Youtube is the only way I know saw these shows. Setlist/Song Selection: Metamorphosis Choreography: SOTW overall although I Get Lonely, China Love breakdown and the new breakdown for The Knowledge on Metamorphosis overpowered SOTW at times. Memorable Intro: The Knowledge(she didnt perform it up to SOTW for 27 years) Legacy: SOTW, her presence was overpowering when she first hit the stage after being pregnant on the Lafyette Louisanna date. Dancers: I rather the SOTW Costumes/Outfits: SOTW although the number o
  17. BTW Just for reference look at these costumes for SOTW2 and Metamophosis SOTW2 Metamorphosis
  18. What would you say is her better recent show? State Of The World Tour(Leg 2)(SOTW2) Or Metamorphosis. They both run for about 100 mins(1 hr and 40 mins) although Metamorphosis very slightly longer and they both show the variety of performance art capabilities that Janet has both mastered and work to her strength. Doing an intimate show and a full scale production. They both showcase how giving and how much of a listening ear she has for her fans when it comes to our request of keeping or updating old choreography and even deep cuts no other pop legends her stature would dare do which
  19. https://www.instagram.com/p/CH8KSTQp6iR/ Uhm Hi Janet from the damita jo body
  20. the song he produced on ariana's new album IS SOOOOO JANET. Love Language is my favourite
  21. just my belief and I know its an unpopular opinion, but there are many things that were done under Trump's administration that were in alignment with end time scriptures. Wake up all.
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