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  1. I heard magic johnson and Beyoncé are there
  2. Ciara talks about her musical idols missy and Janet
  3. Love this album that album so many bops I’m still salty asf that she did not release come on get up
  4. Yea not just in the music business but she influenced actors and actresses, athletes, comedians,etc
  5. Tbh she should just toured worldwide with 2yo Evan after the Super Bowl had happened and when sponsors stop supporting her in the USA she would’ve sold out worldwide and touring for the discipline was a good idea but it should’ve never been in the USA
  6. Her harmonies are on point the song is starting to grow on me
  7. Vages will be a huge success for her but I want her to tour more in Europe Africa, Europe she still have a huge fanbase but she bailed on them so much it’s gonna be hard to know if her Europe fans will accept her
  8. Same overall RN is my favorite era 1989-1991 she slayed every bitch during that time no one could touch her the sales the awards and the impact put her on another level
  9. What is your favorite era from Janet the queen and why ,because of its quality and impact etc. and please not the lesser eras
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