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  1. And the Vegas highlights are clearly down to the influence of a talented staging/production designer
  2. Disagree. Vegas feels flat too. There are a few highlights...yet it doesn’t feel cohesive. The energy dips in the wrong places.
  3. I come from a place of devotion too. I’m from the U.K. and travelled to the last SOTW show in Atlanta. I’m more intrigued than anything - what has shifted? I feel like her time with Gil has reached its creative conclusion. No one was more delighted than me that Janet played Glastonbury. A dream come true in many respects.
  4. I think an honest critique is ok in this context.
  5. Janet needed to nail this. For the love of God, bring back SOTW tightness and fierceness. This was flat as a pancake. I’m confused...
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