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  1. RIGHT! "'Sources say' but where ya gettin' it?" - The Great Forever
  2. They fucking tried it with that placement. UNBREAKABLE was so much better than so many albums on that list. Fucking Fetty Wap placed higher than Janet? Fuck this list.
  3. This song demonstrates Janet's versatility and also her influences. I could totally hear Fleetwood Mac doing this song. Stevie Nicks is everything. Janet rocks the fuck out on this song and it deserves to be a number 1 pop song!
  4. Read about room number four here: http://www.roomno4.org/en/gallery/
  5. Yo. Besides being a slick-ass groove, Janet got REAL political on this song. References to the Black Lives Matter movement, and to "room number four": http://www.roomno4.org/en/about/. This song is even more politically daring than "Rhythm Nation" and "State of the World."
  6. Janet is channeling Fleetwood Mac/Stevie Nicks and I am here for all it!
  7. My current favorite track on the album! #BlackEagle
  8. Currently "Black Eagle"... Followed by "Dream Maker/Euphoria," "Dammn Baby," "Unbreakable," "No Sleeep," "Night" and "Take Me Away."
  9. "I woke up in heaven in the morning with the biggest smile upon my face." YAAaasssssssssssss!
  10. A 70? NYT has a ranking system? I read the review and there was no indication of a grade. The review actually didn't even really review the album. I was struggling to determine where the actual review was.
  11. You KNOW they thought that was an A album, but because it's Janet they gave it a B+. Like you said, that was their way of including shade. But fuck them. Everyone loves it. LOL!
  12. 'Unbreakable' review: Two assured sides of Janet JacksonSeptember 30, 2015 4:09 PM By GLENN GAMBOA glenn.gamboa@newsday.com 0 + - REVIEWShe really is, you know. Janet Jackson suffered the steepest of career turnarounds following her Super Bowl halftime show wardrobe malfunction in 2004, practically becoming a pariah in the pop mainstream she once ruled. She soldiered on -- first pretending/hoping it would blow over, then actively challenging her accusers with edgy, sex-themed songs. With "Unbreakable" (Rhythm Nation/BMG), Jackson finally seems like she's over it. Maybe that comes with time or
  13. ‘Unbreakable’ by Janet Jackson ReviewJanet Jackson’s back with her first album in seven years. ENLARGE Janet Jackson’s new album, ‘Unbreakable,’ is out Friday. Photo: R. Chiang/Splash News/Corbis ByJim FusilliSept. 29, 2015 5:59 p.m. ET 0 COMMENTS Tampa, Fla. At this stage of her career, Janet Jackson faces the daunting task of regaining her place as an artist of the moment rather than of the recent past. She is staking her claim on today with a new album, “Unbreakable” (Rhythm Nation), out Friday, and a lengthy world tour that runs well into 2016. On disc and in concert, the 49-year-old M
  14. http://music.blog.ajc.com/2015/09/27/concert-review-janet-jackson-at-chastain/ Concert review: Janet Jackson reigns at ChastainSeptember 27, 2015 | Filed in: ajc music scene, atlanta concerts, chastain park amphitheatre, concert review.Comments 1 Fans endured a rainy night to see Janet Jackson at Chastain Park Amphitheatre on Sept. 26. CONTRIBUTED BY LIZ MINIET BY LIZ MINIET When Mother Nature messed with Janet Jackson’s first Atlanta concert in four years, she forced the pop star to live up to the title of her tour and new album: “Unbreakable.” The crowd waiting Saturday night at Chastain Par
  15. Game kept telling y'all that "Unbreakable" was just a fan gift and not a single and y'all kept swearing up and down that "Unbreakable" was a single. I'm glad that it has finally been settled. And I'm also glad that "BURNITUP!" was the single choice. This is a HOT song, no pun intended. I hope beyond hope that it is successful for Janet and Missy, but even if it's not, it's still a banging song.
  16. YES. I am most glad that people are starting to wake up to Janet's contributions to culture. Maybe now they will stop trying to erase her.
  17. Where have you gone, Janet Jackson? (To Tampa, for starters) Where have you gone, Janet Jackson? For decades you were among the biggest, baddest pop stars on the planet — as big as Madonna, as big as Prince, maybe even as big as your big brother Michael. None of this is hyperbole — you once meant that much to that many. And yet when you survey the pop landscape nowadays, it's not always evident what role you played in shaping it. It's far easier to point to artists influenced by Madonna (Lady Gaga), Prince (Janelle Monáe) and Michael Jackson (The Weeknd) than yourself, even though one could
  18. "Moist" is such a jazzy, sensual song. I love it.
  19. http://www.miaminewtimes.com/music/janet-jackson-let-her-talent-do-the-talking-at-american-airlines-arena-7917735 Janet Jackson Let Her Talent Do the Talking at American Airlines ArenaA AFacebook795Twitter44More shares10By Angel MelendezMonday, September 21, 2015 | 4 hours ago Miss Jackson hasn't lost a step.Photo by George Martinez/gmartnx.comLast night, American Airlines Arena was a dangerous place to be. Explosions, fireballs, and the very real possibility of getting an enthusiastic elbow in the face were only some of the hazards present. Thankfully, they were all part of the grand musical
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