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  1. Shonda Rhimes shaded her performance on Twitter. I disagree.
  2. I've probably watched it 30 times myself...lol
  3. He should regret slut-shaming a Black woman for being exposed by a White man on national television. But eh.
  4. Low-key... They should be begging her to perform again. Lol
  5. Kenya Moore deserved every inch of that ass whooping.
  6. She pulled it. From the marketing perspective to conceptualization of a visual album, this was well executed. All new music. All new music videos. No promo. The bitch released an album on the strength of her name. It's almost at one million copies sold in less than a week. I'm inspired.
  7. I hope this helps. http://thatgrapejuice.net/2013/11/watch-christina-aguilera-performs-michael-jackson-janet-jackson-medley-the-voice/
  8. You would think Janet fans would go up anytime she is celebrated for her contributions to pop music. But of course late bitches will never be on time. --------------------- I lived for Christina doing Janet...especially Black Cat...a song that Janet herself wrote. I was here for the attitude and confidence. It definitely reminded me of how influential Janet Jackson still is in an industry bent on diminishing her impact on pop music.
  9. Jermaine, at one point, had a career....
  10. ...and we all know that's ludicrous because Michelle was famous before Kim, is on more magazine covers than Kim, and has had black babies before Kim. Michelle is so much "better" than Kim. Thanks, Yeezus.
  11. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XqNP1wumX8I
  12. No because I pay it forward like Jesus paid it all...for me.
  13. That dude is a serious hater.
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