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  1. EW:Is Bobby involved in the film? Has he given it his okay?

    ANGELA: No. Bobby is not involved in the film. Of course, we’re very sensitive to whatever the relationships might be or what we have heard or what we perceive his relationship between her family and him. So we’re trying to be respectful.

    EW: Speaking of relationships—do you consider yourself having been close to Whitney after Exhale?

    ANGELA: No, I don’t. I can’t. I can’t say that, but I think that I had an opportunity, of course, to appreciate and love her from afar and then to spend time with her in a working situation. She shined in a room but didn’t suck up the energy. Some people suck up all the air and it’s all about them. They mistake their presence for the event. But she didn’t do that. She was there to work, to work hard, she was joyful, she laughed a lot, she played, she was easy to be around. You know, she was a delight.

    EW: As a director, what type of research are you doing to prepare for this type of movie? Are you going through her personal items, or speaking to her family for research?

    ANGELA:No, not through her items. A lot of our research is from interviews, from interviews that she has given and we’ve crafted it within the framework of her meeting Bobby and taking that relationship about four or five years forward. And of course, I did read her mother’s book.




    All this right here has doesn't have me excited about the Lifetime movie....  The movie is basically everything we seen from interviews with maybe a little bit more into their (whitney & bobby) personal lives, and her brief time from working with her on Waiting to Exhale. 


    I mean would you guys really be excited about a movie directed by Regina King made about Janet that was about her & Rene?  I mean, I of course would watch cuz  it's janet... but this sounds like CrazySexyCool movie. Which I enjoyed, but as stated in another thread, I think Whitney deserves more...


    I'd like to see a movie with involvement from people she was closest to, and of course on a big screen.



    EW:Do you want your movie to be the definitive Whitney Houston biopic? Would it bother you if her family members produced their own movie?

    ANGELA:Not one bit. This is going to be the trailer to the movie they’re going to make. How can this be definitive? Her life, her stardom, was so massive. Nothing that’s never been seen or done before, her talent was so anointed and so galvanizing, like nothing ever heard before. She was like no one ever known before. She deserves to have this movie, and another movie, and everything and anything else.



    I love she said this tho...

  2. How many of yall remember Remy Shand?


    I just remember these two songs, the first one had an actual video, but not sure if 2nd song I posted had one... but these 2 songs I remember. Never did pick up his cd, but he came out in early 2000's.





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  3. I loved Jon and still do :wub:


    YUP!!! My response was gonna be, "liked?"  I STILL LOVE JON B...


    Robin Thicke is cool (I need to hear more of him), and there's only one song I like by Justin, ...well actually, I like him on the hook to Holy Grail

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  4. I chose Control for both...Some of RN's singles have waned on me over the years, ie Black Cat & Rhythm Nation, I still love all of Control's singles as much now as I did then...  The Control album as a whole also just takes me back to when I first started listening to Janet, more nostalgic for me as a whole, even though I think Rhythm Nation is Janet's only album that's good from start to finish.  (I don't and never liked You Can Be Mine).


    What Have You Done For Me Lately vs Miss You Much (close)


    Nasty vs Rhythm Nation


    When I Think Of You vs Escapade


    Control vs Alright


    Let's Wait Awhile vs Come Back To Me


    The Pleasure Principle vs Black Cat


    Funny How Time Flies vs Love Will Never Do

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  5. HAHA!!

    ^^I'm surprised there's not a pic of himself on his wikipedia page. He "rose to fame" again through Love & Hip Hop Atl, I think it's Vh1's highest rated show... but anyhoo, yes he was pretty successful back then, but hadn't had any hits in awhile..

    I also heard is he rents the mansion he recently moved into on Love & Hip Hop, not owns.

    Maybe he should ask Mimi to record and release a sex tape with him, to earn some extra coins he's needing... <_<

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