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  1. I agree.. Her "body" type with janet. was my favorite, then follows with Damita Jo, then Rhythm Nation... I personally think her AFY body was a bit too muscular for my tasting, and this TRL interveiw shows that to me. Her body towards end of Velvet Rope era wasn't even this muscular.....And I will tike Control and beginning of Velvet Rope over AFY bod...
  3. She knows damn well she is not going to do any jail time... Bitch gets away with too damn much
  4. That's so true, never thought of that, but that's exactly what it reminds me of...
  5. This is nice!! If it hadn't been for Maxwell, I probably wouldn't have even given it a listen.... He sounds so sexy, Alicia sounds great, and it reminded me of the Alicia from her first 2 cd's... I'm definitely feelin it.
  6. Love you janet, but this was/is horrible...
  7. I had to work last night, but I did DVR it, so I'll be back with my thoughts soon as I watch. I'm excited...
  8. Her husband was the one arrested for the DUI, Reese was arrested for Disorderly Conduct.
  9. Love this song by Mariah!!! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=x5cwaHj-Gzg
  10. Sorry, to me, there is no such thing...
  11. Long hair is a major TURN OFF!!! Guys hair needs to be short, VERY SHORT!!!
  12. Wow, that was terrible. I'm going to say had they come out with that video, I don't think the song would have been as successful... The end product is much more visually appealing to the eyes and easier to watch multiple times. Also let me add that the final video had a much more mature, grown up, sexier look, which was such a departure from their image on their first cd.
  13. It's probably mine too...
  14. I'm also really loving this song he has with Sean Kingston & Wiz Khalifa ... Love the beat!!
  15. I'm liking the song ,and here's an all dance version of the video...
  16. SEASON 2 TRAILER http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HOY_91eJpb0
  17. Doesn't Really Matter.... I mean the song title in itself (no smart re wording or gif is needed) is telling in itself!!!
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