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    The Real World

    I didn't realize a new season was coming up....I may, when does it start? I've been more into the challenges, rather the actual Real World series... The past probably 5 or so seasons of The Real World have all been a big blur. The last one I enjoyed I think was Denver...and the one after that which was Australia, I think. Oh, yea I did enjoy the 2nd Las Vegas as well. Not sure what season number that was.
  2. For all those who may be interested, I was scrolling through my Direct TV menu and seen that MTV will be airing the very first season in its entirety! As well as the Las Vegas and San Francisco seasons!! They will be shown throughout the weekend. I haven't seen any of these since they originally aired!! I won't be home for all of it but I do have my DVR set for all 3 seasons. I hope this is a new trend with MTV, if it is, I hope they re air Los Angeles, Miami, Hawaii, and Back to New York. Miami is my all time favorite season. Anyhoo, just thought I'd share...
  3. It's not bad, I like it. And I like the "My Boo" sample as well.
  4. Pepsi Unsweetened Iced Tea, I do love lemonade, but will almost always choose Iced Tea over it.
  5. I watched, and felt bad for Tamar. Seems to me Towanda is really jealous, I mean the attitude she was throwing at the press conference? Not to mention the mocking of Tamar while in Italy... Wow... And at the end with the Tamar/Toni conversation, I believe Tamar that she has no beef with anybody, and that she has been tryna reach out. Toni probably should have went to Towanda instead, and/or the other sisters. If the girls really wanted to do an all sister get away, then it should have been planned, I mean to spontaneously spring it on Tamar, knowing full and well she has a bunch of work and promo to do wasn't fair.
  6. "John can you explain to me why the sprinkles are empty?" "Well, they're not empty" :lmao: There was one truth he told.!! That was cute though. .
  7. CONGRATS!! How cute!! So I guess she decided against surrogacy? How far along is she?
  8. I'm going to go with Whitney, in live performances especially. Whitney went beyond what she did in the studio.
  9. Video looks cheesy as hell, like one of them bright Destiny's Child videos, can't put my finger on which one. I just realized the song samples the chorus to T.I's Top Back.,., NOW it may be good for a ring tone chorus Also: I'm not really feelin the song....
  10. O, I thought you already had pics showing of a new piercing! Well post some if you decide...I would think Janet's reply to her getting her's done would be enough for you.
  11. ...I have never been too much about Justin Timberlake....His very first solo single bugged the shit out outta me, so did sexy back. The only song I really do love is "Until the end of time" (without beyonce). I took a listen to "Suite & Tie" and thought it was okay, but immediately thought of Robin Thicke, then I see images of him recently of him and leads me to believe he copin his style... Plus I've seen too many pics of this fool, to try and ask, hasn't his shit always been naturally curly? Since when has his shit been "naturally straight" like the pic below? Which just does add more of the Robin Thicke comparison...
  12. That's the Usher I love & miss.. Definitely not feeling the "OMG" or "DJ Falling In Love" crap... and what the fuck was that song "Go MIssing"? That ish was fucking horrible
  13. She looks great from the waist up.... I don't like them pants though...
  14. GET IT JJ!!! GOOD LOOKING AND A BILLIONAIRE!! They both look so good in that wedding photo, but Janet looks friggin GORGEOUS!!
  15. I didn't read through your whole list there, but my personal favorites have been...(in no particular order) the butterfly robocop running man cabbage patch roger rabbit crip walk
  16. Last movie I seen at the cinema was Silver Linings Playbook.... I SO ENJOYED THAT MOVIE... gonna buy it when it's available!!!!
  17. Lately, its been always early, but there's been plenty of times where in the past where I'm always late.
  18. Ridiculous question, yes? but no, never had that urge
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