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  1. My all time top 2 favorite janet songs!!! LOVE BOTH THESE SONGS TO DEATH!! I Get Lonely is my all time favorite Janet song and that's the one I voted for... Love her vocals and ad libs towards the end.
  2. Haven't seen any of the shows listed.
  3. That was cute, you can tell she's really lovin the fact that people are feelin the hell out of this song, I know I am. Even though she really did work my nerves on Braxton Family Values, I'm really happy things are happening and hope continue to happen for her music career.
  4. Congrats, I suppose. Isn't she still married though?
  5. Here's the showcase where "The One" song came from. In the description of the youtube video, it lists the song name as "All I Need Is You" http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ErwVpk0fIEk Songlist: Watching Me All I Need Is You Love & War Hot Sugar I'm looking forward to this cd, even though I don't like Hot Sugar... the other 3 songs sound really good.
  6. She looks good, but I really hope she doesn't do the video. I can't stand the song!!!
  7. Rapsberry vodka, long with strawberry and pomegranate Mike's HARDER cranberry lemonade, don't like them weak ones that come in 6 packs Yes I enjoy wine from a box...
  8. Wow, I"m really lovin this song... Her voice is great!
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