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  1. I pretty much agree with the first part of this statement if it's in professional/work/office type setting, other wise I really don't think (actually I wouldn't) I'd pay them any mind. I wouldn't even acknowledge them. What about in the setting I just described?
  2. He really was, I remember one of my older sisters going to one of his concerts back in 90 (I think), and he had put on a great show!! Very great dancer!
  3. Absolutely love the song and video.
  4. Again, nothing within the past 2 episodes has anyone really come at Laura and tell her just STOP FUCKIN WITH JACKIE, Laura is really looking a lot more crazy this season than Jackie ever did last season. NOW you have an epiphany?!! The FUCK?! I really don't get this bitch, and she stays mean muggin that ugly manly face every episode and I can't stand it!!! The hell is she tryna do this season?!?!?!?! I swear I don't think I have ever disliked anyone more on a reality show, than I dislike Laura right now. Draya honey, you were bothered by Brooke getting that cover! You would have been just as happy if you got the cover as well, why you bullshittin. Then again Brooke, the editor in chief was being messy at that celebration whatever the fuck it was, and I don't blame Draya for not going. Draya did tell you she wasn't going, and gave you reasons. Your quick to call Draya unprofessional when the editor in chief was being messy on the phone when you first got the call, then he goes and says the shit he did in front of all the girls? But you don't do nor say how unprofessional that was, I'm glad Malaysia got up and left that convo. Anyhoo, this was blown way out of proportion, mainly on Brooke's end. Even if Draya had a problem, girl move on, you got the cover, be proud, and don't let anyone take that from you. MOVE ON if Draya wasn't being as supportive as you wanted her to be. SHE SAID CONGRATS!! I really don't get why this "drama" had to start in LA, then be moved to NY, then got brought back to LA... wow and it gets brought to New Orleans!! But I do in fact think that if Draya had stayed for her shoot, the cover would have gone to her. Hence why dude was pressed and gave cover to Brooke. It was out of spite. What's with this Bambi/Gloria drama next episode?
  5. I agree. I'm glad he ain't featured. I don't need to see a zebra print, skinny jeans, hangin off his ass gremlin on my screen. Keyshia should have done the same with Enough Of No Love.
  6. I don't get why they are calling Laura a bully. Laura is in no way intimidating or trying to intimidate Jackie. The girls should have just straight up said, it was FUCKED UP to go to Jackie's daughter with malicious intent of getting dirt on Jackie. That scene with Jackie's daughter was ugly and Laura's damn ugly man face throughout the entire thing was sickening. Gloria's stupid clueless ass is going to take up for Laura cuz the idiot hasn't been around and is a non mutha fucking factor. The lunch Gloria and Laura had before Gloria and Draya met up, not once did Laura mention to Gloria her reasoning behind why she went to meet with Jackie's daughter. I CAN"T STAND LAURA!!!! Jackie and her daughter 's need some serious help. There's real hurt feelings there, and delusional Jackie refuses to see it or hear her daughters out. Laura trying to get in the middle is wrong on so many levels. If Jackie did you so wrong last season, why be stupid and waster your energy with this so called plan of yours!!! Get over it and move the fuck on and don't give Jackie the time of day.
  7. I work on Thanksgiving day, but off early enough to go to my cousin's house who is hosting. My TV went down a few weeks ago, I may hit up Wal-Mart at 8pm to see if I can get a new one.
  8. I wonder what other artists came up with nothing while signed to LaFace... Wasn't Usher signed to LaFace? How is it he didn't go bankrupt?
  9. ^^ Yea, I didn't get Draya's point coming in dressed as Jackie. I laughed but, If you don't like/care for the bitch why you giving her that type of attention. Ugh and I did not need to see Jackie's cellulite thighs/ass. I liked Bambi called Laura out...Laura if you don't like Jackie why you even messing with her? And you want Bambi to try and build a friendship? Why would Bambi trust you when she sees you being straight up fake to someone? I loved Brooke last episode!! She came ready to box!! She knew Malaysia was being messy with that phone conversation. Speaking of staying in their place, what the hell Bambi standing up for? Bitch that had nothing to do with you, sit down. Yea, what was going down with Draya and Jackie was none of Brooke's business, but I had to laugh cause she had Jackie scurred!!! Jackie's always about "imma sock you" and this and that, and talking all big and bad when she talking to Draya, but with Brooke? She's like "let's just calm down", "we gotta think about jail", "let's move this to the ring".... Brooke's like "bitch, I got bail money", "we aint need no ring!" I HATED the fact that they edited out the fight!!! I mean what the fuck!! With all the shit they've shown on Basketball Wives Miami and Love & Hip Hop!?!?!?! Back to Laura's fakeness, I'm interested in seeing how she answers Jackie's question next episode. And damn, even Jackie's daughters don't get along and calls their own mother fake.. crazy. I wonder what's going on there.
  10. She looks great, fresh coming off the Velvet Rope Tour
  11. I like the original far better. There's something, I don't know, bland about Whitney's version. Original is classic.
  12. Here's the link to the full episode of Toni's Behind The Music http://www.vh1.com/v.../playlist.jhtml And here is a link to Toni's Oprah Show Interview http://www.tudou.com...ew/cTXdq2QFGHg/
  13. I really liked all the "dumb blonde" type characters, they weren't all blonde but, Kelly Bundy, Hilary Banks, Sinclair James, Phoebe Buffay, Kim Parker. Darlene from Roseanne was the ish...all that shit she talked during DJ's masterbation episode had me Sheneneh Jenkins Maxine Shaw Whitley Gilbert Frank & Marie from Everybody Loves Raymond Arnold Jackson
  14. The Resident Evil movies Dawn of The Dead Day of the Dead 28 Days Later 28 Weeks later Quarantine... I Am Legend is also considered a zombie movie too ( I think ) etc... There so many, I'm sure I missed quite a few.
  15. Oh yeah, and why is ol girl practicing on that zombie outside, by herself?! What happened to that asian dude? And who is watching her? And how are you guys like this new warrior chick, she reminding me of Grace Jones character from Conan movies. She cool it seems, and gangsta for havin 2 zombies on a leash as pets!! They didn't show her or others back in town this entire 2nd episode.
  16. A close cousin of mine turned me on to this show..It's good, but haven't been able to watch every episode last season. I was shocked to learn Shane was killed. He was an ass though. And this fuckin slut, don't even know who the baby daddy is, guess now it really doesn't matter. I did watch first 2 episodes this season, and I'm glad old dude made it through. (Sorry, still haven't learned all names yet). I knew "leader" of that 2nd group they found in the prison was gonna do something stupid, and he got what he deserved. But I did feel sorry for the guy who ran off and Rick locked out and left for the zombies.
  17. Just got done watching first Halloween on AMC...
  18. I really don't think Jackie has or is trying to change. Case in point, her lunch with Draya. She tried coming at Draya to say she was disrespectful at her pool party, which I don't think Draya was. Jackie and Dr Hyde as Draya put it did come out. Jackie flip modes then starts talking her hollywood movie, calling the rest of the girls hookers, and she didn't give 2 shits about them only to say how she loved all of them 20 seconds later. Calls Draya a shit starter and crazy at the pool party, when she wasn't. My reaction would have been the exact same as Draya's, like wow, somebody needs to witness all this. Then Jackie starts praying. Draya was smart to walk up and leave.... Now fast forward to the confrontation they had, Draya knew damn well and good that was not a sincere apology, offered Draya a "sucker" (knowing she was being shady as hell with that),,,Draya calls Jackie out for it and Jackie gets pissed. Thing ensue from there, then Jackie threatens to punch and BITE the shit out of her!! Now Jackie is expecting Draya to come apologize and rub/kiss her feet, bow down or whatever. Jackie is LOCO!! And after last season, I do not fault Draya one bit for not trusting or not wanting a friendship with Jackie.... and Jackie acting like her wedding is the fuckin place to be!! No one wanted to go, and for her be like, o now Draya ain't coming to my wedding.... Draya didn't give 2 shits about not going...I hope she got that coochie waxed like she did the year before. But you know damn well Jackie's loco ass would have been happy as all fuck if Draya really did show up. Jackie is trying really hard for their friendships, as she should cuz of the shit she pulled last season. That's my opinion, but it doesn't excuse the other girls for being fake like how Laura and now slowly Malaysia has been acting. Now that being said, I can't wait for this fight to go down between Brooke and Jackie to go down next week!!
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