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  1. Hello Honey Children! In light of what has transpired with the passing of a friend who assisted with this entire undertaking and, how long we had been friends and met on here when we were 12 and 13 years old. I decided a few things so 1) the Bunifa Character and the Latoya Character are now retired officially after this post. We both had so much fun over these 20 years being roudy and ratchet and entertaining everyone with really twisted humor. So in light of that and this being the final bunifa post of ALL TIME, i had gone through discs and discs and hardrives of songs we
  2. Im sorry i havent been around on here, super busy with work. I think about him everyday, i did - go through and listen to a bunch of our recordings from over the past... almost T W E N T Y years!! we were like 12 and 13 years old when we started it and i laughed and i know that's what he would want is for me to laugh because, we truly had so much fun doing the entire thing and then, recording the songs and the remixes and the extreme dark comedy of it. to be honest, i dont think i can continue the bunifa character any longer on here. I will of course put a link to the Google driv
  3. Hey you guys, so, way back in 2001 Myself and another member met on the JANETJACKSON.COM board and he was from NJ and i was from NY and we were almost the same age, around 14 at the time and we had a great amazing friendship from it. We stayed friends for 20 years and he was actually the original LATOYA JACKSON character and i was BUNIFA. then we switched and be both decided to run with bunifa and latoya would appear form time to time. I have some sad news that he did pass away. He had moved to california and worked in show business, i came an attorney here in new york however we s
  4. bunifa will put on that wig baby
  5. bunifa dropped her single 311, its about bunifa riding around calling 311 health services on COVID rule breakers.
  6. Coke crack meth molly extacy ketamine pills poppers angel dust pcp heroine GHB acid peyote gasoline LSD jankum ayahuasca weed roofies fentanyl shrooms magic markers strong coffee cat nip
  7. Listen well know how it go. First she ask to borrow a few bucks to keep the lights on and then she raiding into michaels closets to take the THIS IS IT wig... WHICH SHE LET FALL INTO THE TOASTER AND RUINED. This will NOT be the fate of my damn wig bitch. Bring it back, mail it, UPS it. Don't even say you don't have it because i saw you gassed up on Instagram at the opening of nick cannons sisters friends step brothers club in Delaware wearing my wig. Send it back. That wig is mine. Im sorry that you, seem to be confused, the yaki belongs to me.... THE WIG. IS. MINE.
  8. Bunifa came back to bring back the nostalgia of the janetjackson.com board of 20 years ago. She still here, she still love all of you. Wear your masks, be smart and find time to laugh -Team Bunifa
  9. Dirty Pop music queen has gone through the crates and put together a new album for immediate release. NEGELCTED: Rare and unreleased https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1loQlaWXFyTN5pchmAk0lTpTaDMqHY1e7?usp=sharing I have decided to go through my unreleased recordings and release this collection of never heard tracks. From 2001 to 2010 these songs remained unreleased for various reasons, as explained in the text file included in the google link. We are releasing a single from the album, that single being CRAZY IN DEBT (originally recorded in 2003), we have also includ
  10. We also adding Ring the bell and money makes things better. along with other massive hits. Currently though we had to shut down rehearsals cause there was a roach problem so we had to stop and they come and fumigate the place.
  11. Dear Toy Toy, First I want you to know I have not forgotten about the promised duet on your album, I was supposed to be featured on the NO MORE DRAMA track, however you decided to include Rebbie clapping her hands instead of my vocals and I am much much unhappy about that. Second, I want you to know that I still have that wig from the He's My Brother performance, its up in the attic collecting things like a Diana ross wig when she walk down a hall way. I mention this only because I know you burned Janets all for you wig when she let you borrow it and it fell in the toaster. In. the. To
  12. The queen of wig pop has done it again. Out of long time retirement Bunifa will be scheduled to perform a 2021-2023 residency in RENO NEVADA at the RENO WONDER LODGE (and adjoining parking lot) Read all about the WONDERFUL VENUE HERE: https://www.yelp.com/biz/wonder-lodge-reno Bunifa will perform all of her hits as well as new music and cover songs during this residency! It will be a special type of show that roams the entire lodge, performances taking place in rooms, hallways, guest service check in and a moving and heartfelt performance at the lodge pool. It is confirmed t
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