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  1. oh and my fav is UNBREAKABLE!!! love love love that song. I also love Great forever hell Ilove them all! I stream everyday!
  2. i hope everyone is streaming! Spotify or other site so she gets sales!
  3. really??? i got mine from janet store when i got my ticket but no email yet
  4. a fucking bug!!!! i wasnt about to eat no taco mac at 11 i would have died lol
  5. unbreakable may not be a single but its playing on the radio sirusxm heart and soul once again i have receipts but dont know how to post lol
  6. me and red were in sec 3 row q on the floor blatin and his friends were in section 4
  7. me, red duke, and blatin met joey too. I have receipts too but dont know how to post on this board anymore. we saw her in Charlotte lol to get into the museum just show your preorder email or on paper with ticket and they will let you in
  8. lol i was so far up the cars ass in front of me. people were trying to cut in from the sides. it was a hotmess. then they had the nerve to sendme a survey about the venue. i told them parking sucks lol messed up our evening shawn. couldnt even go out to eat with u guys
  9. i check in a few times a week. I do have trouble posting on this site since its been changed but im here I know" hotboy aka red duke said the format dont work on his computer since it was changed so he cant come anymore
  10. hey Bu how can i listen to this? I dont have any apple stuff lol
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