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  1. No... i aint attempting to prove everything u should have ur receipts anywaz, the teacher is the victim that piece of shit knows what he is doing and he is assaulting her in some jurisdictions, u dont need to be physically hit to be assaulted
  2. but u havent done criminal law? im guessing uve done some pre-law school stuff but ur not actually in law school, and love to act as tho ur authoritative
  3. just like when u act like ur some legal hotshot, yet have never read a piece of legislation/case law in ur entire life
  4. u said that u can never put ur hands on someone but then u said 9/10 it wont be in ur favor so ur wrong im sure u were gettn @ ur lil self defence notion, but u didnt say that and this whole 9/10 rubbish is rubbish whered u get those facts from?
  5. so u didnt bloody read it stop acting like ur some hotshot coz ur in law school
  6. ummmmmmmm some ppl have too much time on their hands
  7. i trust u looked at the legislation and the case law when writing that? what about harassment? what about provocation? and why then did the police say she was "likely acting in self defence?"
  8. nope disagree self defence/provocation she was backed into the fukn corner who knows what he could've done
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