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  1. If she’s simply doing it for money (like some of you claim whenever she fails to do something people want) then she can stop. She can tour later.
  2. It’s not about her being Mariah...it’s about her promoting herself like just about everyone else does.
  3. She has the worst transition to the modern era out of her peers, and although her profile has improved some she and her team continue to drop the ball on simple stuff. Like her YouTube page. You’re a visual artist with one of the best videographies...and yet...all of your videos can’t be accessed. And She has non-dancers with more interesting routines currently
  4. There’s no reason for her certifications to be the way they are. The logical hoops yall jump through to justify her mess. Please
  5. Smh @ losing money. It doesn’t cost that much and there’s no excuse. This and her other inactions are why she’s fading
  6. That’s not gonna happen (especially the first two albums)
  7. Damn. Mariah’s Christmas album was just re-certified. Too bad Janet can’t relate.
  8. Janet is very predictable overall lol
  9. She won't even deliver more than two videos per era but y'all want all this other stuff
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