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  1. You didn't express any skepticism in that thread. Any questions you had related more so to do with the Number Ones Tours (Which was going on at the time) and trying to gauge figures for that. That's it. Which is the point. Rhythm Nation isn't included, and over half the dates from the janet. - AFY tours are missing. Literally, millions of tickets aren't accounted for. Were most of the reported dates from the AFY era (Which has most of the available box off data from those three tours)? If so, Janet played some of her biggest venues with the janet and VR tours. Multiple 30-50,000 seat venues
  2. You never brought up any issue you had in the original thread. Also, it wasn't challenged by you (or anyone else) in that UKmix thread that you are sourcing. So, what exactly is your primary source? There are a multitude of issues here. The All For You Tour grossed $55 million (According to your receipts). That would mean she earned over half of her entire touring gross from just the AFY tour? Does Billboard Boxscore only cover North American dates or worldwide? If it's worldwide, even according to YOUR receipts Janet performed 312 shows with the janet, VR, and AFY tours. If it's just the N
  3. Comment from the thread I linked. In fact, the very FIRST comment in that thread. In fact, you never questioned the receipts at any point in that thread. To refresh your memory: http://planetjanet.invisionzone.com/index.php?/topic/4166-an-in-depth-look-at-janet-jacksons-tour-history-over-the-years/# Another interesting fact, the same tour stats from the thread I linked, are posted in that UKmix thread. Surprisingly (because I know what UKmix gives) No one questioned them. In fact, it is among the last posts in that particular thread. Speaking of UKMIX, It can't be same the UKMIX fo
  4. No, it was an attempt to belittle what I've done and tried to do. It's not the first time he's done it either. BTW, just because I don't brag about it, that doesn't mean I haven't received acknowledgement. I just choose not to share it. Jimmy and Terry won the "Producer of the Year" Grammy for their work on the "Control" album. That's a win for the project it self. Which is was we said. The Control album won 4 AMAs, 6 Billboard Awards, 2 VMAs, and one Grammy. Janet is credited as a producer on the project as well, and either chose not to submit herself in that category to let Jimmy and Ter
  5. And it's still about your ego. You did great work compiling the facts that you have. When I did the Blueprint video it was much appreciated! However, this isn't about who gathered the facts. This isn't about YOU being part of the project. This isn't about the creative direction that YOU think this project, campaign, and video should go in. This isn't even about if YOU disagree with the facts that we used (More on that in a minute). This is about the campaign to get Janet Jackson inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. That's it. All you did was attempt to demean, disregard, and beli
  6. Some things go beyond Twitter and trolling. I have you blocked on Twitter. I don't interact with you. I don't think of you. Leave me alone. You literally went on Twitter and did a whole thread regarding the "inaccuracies" in the Induct Janet video. You literally took the time to tweet 40 things that I "got wrong". 40 individual tweets. All to satisfy your ego, because you weren't part of this project. All because you no longer are the go to person for Janet stats and receipts. You did that to yourself with by acting just as you're acting right now. This is beneath you. We've been a family o
  7. There was some initial backlash on Twitter, but that was from people trolling and/or who don't know Janet's discography. That she has always spoken on social issues. Especially those relating to the black community. I'm willing to bet 99% of those "Twitter Activists" didn't even watch the video and have never heard the song. She was being inclusive because her fanbase is so broad. Probably the broadest fan base of any living artist today. However, her sharing a video (from a song she recorded nearly 20 years ago) more than speaks to what she really feels. Some may have been disappointed, b
  8. I don't remember where I read this, but I believe the exclusive contracts Janet signed with Pioneer expire around 2017. It's the reason Janet's team pulled almost all of the bootleg clips of the RN tour off of YouTube. They are probably close to releasing it. Madonna signed a similar contract for the Blonde Ambition tour. In fact, Pioneer still owns the rights to that tour. As for the quality debate. You're both right in different ways. Like that "Wizard of OZ" Blue Ray. You take the best (high quality) print of the production. Restore it from the original negatives, digitally remaster it, a
  9. All of that sounds like a personal problem. Perhaps a jealously that's personal? Whatever the case, I hope you find someone to help you with that. However, I do want to thank you for helping me with the Blueprint video. I remember when myself, you, and Cassidy were talking through the idea. lol I think it was Cassidy's idea originally. She suggested it to me, I thought it was brilliant, and then I came to you for the receipts. lol Uplifting Janet and reminding the world of what she contributed, when so many people were trying to dismiss, deny, and disregard her impact. A labor of love from u
  10. Austin is so pressed by me. He’s mad that outside of one or two people he has NO influence within the Janet fan community. He’s mad that I’m actually doing something with the minuscule (virtually insignificant) platform that I do have. Instead of bitching, moaning, and complaining (or wanting to be right, simply because YOU aren’t happy with an era) He’s mad that even with my small platform, I have the attention of Janet’s team. He’s mad that I called him out for saying certain things because he’s trying to fit in with a certain crowd. So mad that he has to attempt to spread lies in at
  11. It's about seeing the bigger picture for the era, and why things are happening the way they are.
  12. And that's coming in time. Which will give the project itself, and the era as a whole, sustained success (what Janet and team cares about lol). Give it time and let the pieces come together. It's coming in due time.
  13. The meltdowns over Janet not having a traditional campaign The seething because you don't know what's coming Again, the issue is the fact that she's not following the traditional roll out for an album. She's building toward sustained success for the project, not a project that comes and goes within months after it's release (the case for most pop acts these day). She's taking it back to when an artist could work an album for years. 1st - Why didn't Janet do any promo prior to and now just the albums release? Look no further than Madonna.... she went on a major promo tour. Money for that pr
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