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  1. I need iPods to make a return so I don't feel old.
  2. Changed the station and "Glow Of Love" was on.
  3. They have it uploaded in 1080p, which all of her videos should be in tbh.
  4. There are a bunch of other plaques that were in the auction that confirm sales, and a few of them were international sales plaques. I don't think we'll ever get updates, it's been almost 15 years since the last, and JD claimed they were working on it around the time of 20YO.
  5. A lot of artists I've noticed tend to sell the plaques. I'm not sure why, but whatever. I guess when you have so many, you kinda start to wonder if you need every last one. I'm guessing she'll keep the ones that mean the most to her.
  6. This is the same thing I was thinking. I would want to commemorate my achievements. So I'm not giving away my plaques.
  7. A lot of ya'll druggies.
  8. Michael had Thriller added in like 2006 or so. Whitney's IWALY was added last year. Prince has PR inducted in like 2010. I'm pretty sure my years are wrong, but the works are definitely in there.
  9. This is the lady who inducted the album. It's clear she was looking out for us. Also, there's a whole section on RN1814 in the article. https://www.loc.gov/item/prn-21-015/national-recording-registry-adds-rhythm-nation-among-25-new-selections/2021-03-24/
  10. And 2018 is when I really thought about doing a draft of something and submitting it to the National Recording Registry, it would've been an easy induction if they considered it. I kinda just let it go for whatever reason. But yes, RN1814 is more encapsulating of American society, both good and bad, and it's more applicable to society; whereas Control just reeks of feminism. I feel special. I usually mute tweets after they start getting on my nerves with the notifications lol. And what's funny is people who have unfollowed or blocked me for something I've said about Janet, they still i
  11. Honestly in the past couple of years, given the current social climate, I was thinking Control would be the more fitting option, especially with the Me Too movement. But alas, taste prevailed and the proper album was inducted. This is a monstrous achievement esp when you look at the other titles that have been inducted, and that only about 21 - 25 are added annually.
  12. I was waiting on someone to post this. I would like to think I had something to do with it.
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