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  1. Wtf is ONTD? *googles it* Bish... no one gives a fuck about some nonexistent blog
  2. That’s not her problem and she already was married to a billionaire who does business in Saudi Janet’s laughing all the way to the bank bishes. King Eissa has needs
  3. This ain’t about Dubai? Y’all were quiet for that.. get bent. Janet’s already there and will be performing No one cares about Nicki Minaj. She flopping left and right world wide.
  4. That sounds like toxic masculinity which I don’t associate with No.
  5. Get dem coins booooo There wasn’t any. The entire region is terrible
  6. This whole “men don’t play games” thing is stupid Men do play “games”
  7. http://www.arabnews.com/node/1527136/lifestyle JEDDAH: More high profile stars are set to perform in Saudi Arabia as part of the Jeddah World Fest, with superstar singer Janet Jackson along with American rappers 50 Cent and Future heading to the Kingdom. “We can't wait to see this incredible icon in Jeddah,” the Jeddah Season Twitter account said of Jackson, one of the most successful female solo acts of all time. All three stars will be performing in Saudi Arabia for the first time. The concert on Thursday will also include performances from musician Steve Aoki, and singer
  8. Extended what? Uhhhh no no no.. I need you out after I cum... k thanks Ewww straight people You are a great husband
  9. So not related... therefore the post below is moot LMFAO comes from a different family and is only related by law bc Jermaine married a sister/aunt
  10. Bu just wants your dick Effrem This is about men and relationships not men and hookups
  11. Oh fuck. Hollywood ain’t playing leaving the racists seething
  12. Smart on behalf of the Ohio driver(s) Ohio is losing money (and other bordering states who border legal marijuana) Also, if you’re gonna reply.. reply to the entire thing I’ll be in Michigan later this week
  13. How many pen hits did ya take while typing that
  14. Just lie and say “the Internet” According to my sources, there’s grinders & bowls / one hitters available on the market Even in Ohio, they’re sold at head shops along with sex toys and other paraphernalia
  15. It’s 90s nostalgia before dru— err Bobby Brown I like it.. at random... not in a playlist
  16. Delete that quote. I never said that - management
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