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  1. No. I can’t. All singles from DJ were 🗑 I answered the question
  2. Delusional fans will tell you it was “soaring up the charts” before the blacklist... it was not Fans would tell you it was being playing a lot on radio... sure.. bc of the controversy Usher’s Confessions album was #1 for several weeks.. beating out Janet
  3. The delusion. She literally had Three top five hits out of the five songs released
  4. 1) Usher 2) y’all really doing the most. No chance in hell DJ as we know it today would be the top selling album of any year
  5. I’m not here to put down anyone not taking the medication but get better logic. HIV is real. I know a lot of friends who have/had HIV.. I dated someone who had HIV. It’s scary. Know Your Status
  6. Bc Truvada is actually tested to be effective? 92-99% to be exact Kidney failure is rarer than overdosing on multi-vitamins 64,000 Americans overdosed (not died) on multivitamins in 2016.
  7. Let’s think of the times.. An album going #1 didn’t mean much in the 80s & 90s... Madonna didn’t have a #1 album in the 90s and that was her career peak
  8. You will be in the future and shouldn’t you take multi-vitamins? Are you vaccinated? Are you anti-vaxx?
  9. 41 cases out of 90,000 (2018) people of men & women with and without HIV... you want to do that math? .05% Anything is enough to warrant Legal action. You should know about frivolous lawsuits and the fact that just because there’s a lawsuit on the books doesn’t mean it’ll be awarded The chances of you contracting HIV is higher than the chances of kidney, bone issues. Especially for a black man in the south (yes DC is included in the south) who has the most new HIV cases in the country (in 2017 52% of new cases comes from the southern portion of the United States).
  10. Thoughts and prayers also a Class action lawsuit.. #ImWithHer
  11. It’s not hard to notice when that number goes up... it doesn’t increase much
  12. Fans claim she JUST started following them
  13. She didn’t follow them for no reason
  14. And the wackos are about to be shitting bricks when she reveals the truth behind their fraud marriage
  15. There’s no shame present or implied then you shade me I rather fuck my time away and have lasting bonds within my friendships than be a lonely clown desperate for some rando to spend time with them and actually like them. I see it here... and I fuck and run ✌Now you have my permission to cry.
  16. Different mindset... you want love which I won’t comment on I’ve had hundreds of partners since 18. I don’t all of fuck em.. only very few. Don’t shame people for having a high sexual energy & drive bc you’re on some lovey dovery shit. Either way, everyone should know their status
  17. Definitely recording that show for some sort of thing lol
  18. Streaming or it would be a dud Arent all her shows recorded?
  19. You can’t refute or question my statement bc you know nothing and would rather believe someone who believes tv commercials
  20. Y’all out here pretending men are your team mates and wonder why they leaving you blue balled.. y’all playing checkers while getting beat at UNO
  21. No. No they’re not. They just can’t get HIV. No wonder black men are leading newly diagnosed HIV. They believe commercials over facts
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