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  1. Funny she would say this after releasing that mess 'Put It Down'... Is that R&B? No.
  2. I love it and it sounds even better in HQ. Has a gospel feel to it too!
  3. Sis, acting in TV sitcoms is nothing to brag about.
  4. The fact that it isn't doing well without adds should tell you something... For example, Usher's 'Climax' was already climbing without adds, same with Chris Brown, R. Kelly and a lot more artists. and FYI, I'm not calling the song a flop. I just don't see any buzz for it. It hasn't even cracked the top 50 on Urban radio.
  5. Brandy stans are so delusional. The chick is the definition of an irrelevant has-been. DEAD @ her label thinking a duet with Monica would garner more interest to her already dead career. Ch...
  6. IABTM flopped because no one cares about Brandy and Monica anymore. Fact.
  7. Well, clearly you lack reading comprehension skills. I never said Chris Brown was needed. I simply responded "Thanks to Chris Brown" because you're acting as if the song is 'killing' the iTunes charts when it's not. It's doing mediocre and that's because of Chris Brown's presence on the song. That can't be denied. If it was just Brandy, the song would be scrapping the 100's on iTunes. Hell, the song even with CB isn't doing well on radio like everyone expected to. So try again. Actaully, why don't you put your 'stanning' into use by requesting the song and purchasing more so Brandy won't flop for the third time in a row.
  8. Thanks to Chris Brown.
  9. Flusher is so predictable and generic.
  10. Is she serious? Desperate times call for desperate measures, I guess.
  11. I can't... Just stop. And who cares if Afrodisiac was best reviewed? Human received better reviews than Full Moon and we all know that's bullshit. Full Moon is clearly Brandy's last solid album and sonically - her peak.
  12. Are you serious? Brandy fell completely off after Full Moon. Her only solid albums are Never Say Never and Full Moon. That's all and you'd be lying to yourself if you said otherwise. Well, you're a stan so that's no surprise.
  13. Oh gerl... It's because you were no longer the "it" black girl and your music turned to shit.
  14. It depends. Sometimes an artist has no choice but to push back their album to build awareness. They can't just release it when no one knows about it. Then you have those artists that keep pushing back their album and it hurts them (ex: Monica). I think there are higher expectations for artists that push back their album. Fans will expect amazing music.
  15. Is that ThatOtherThing's second account?
  16. They think she's not stable enough to have full control of her life.
  17. Pimple face? Fake fuck? So corny. All I did was call you out on your lowkey Madonna stanning, grandpa. You caught feelings so what I said must be true. I honestly wouldn't be surprised if you downloaded MDNA. Come on, let's get the Queen of Pop's thread to 78 pages! I love how you stay all up in here.
  18. Corny comeback, old man and why am I not surprised your low-life ass is concerned about anonymous people knowing you? Ch...
  19. Exactly. The gerls can try to KI all they want but she's still perched on her throne.
  20. Fake? Sit the fuck down. Silly old man, you're in here 24/7. A low key stan mess.
  21. Does blatin and ThatOtherThing ever leave this thread? Right. These gerls have a lot of nerve...
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