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  1. Yeah but where is it on the hot 100? Isn't it flopping?
  2. This is disgusting. Prince and Paris are clearly living it too much. Look at Paris when she goes round to her brother and hugs him. It's so fake. And when the paps do their usual manipulative calls like "you look great". Instead of ignoring it, Paris visibly thanks them. One day these paps are gonna be there to catch her at her worst and only then she will be wishing she listened to her aunt Janet. Janet must be furious to see this. I wish she posted this video on her twitter and comment that she's disgusted by it. These kids should be having a childhood!! And you can even see Blanket doesn't like it, but they keep forcing him in. Michael would not have wanted this!!
  3. Really gaga? Really? :rolleyes: She's so pathetic.
  4. I've always held that opinion and expressed it in a lucid way. People on here choose to read it differently. You think cause I diss one popstar it means I hate them all and love only Janet? Sigh.
  5. She sounds different. But its great. Classic bond!! Ugh!
  6. If you ask me, Nicki is just an example of the way of the current generation of popstars. They are all full of themselfs, think they are bigger than they are, foul mouthed and disrespectful and in your face. It's the reality tv generation, the twitter/facebook generation, big egos, elevated self opinions, voyeurism. The generation mariah, and Janet etc come from is one that still kept their business private, understood how to give the 'diva' without ego, and be humble at the same time. Not to mention, they came from a time when you could succeed without having to strip off or wear stupid pink wigs. They also know how to respect the ones before them that paved the way.
  7. That would be true if her albums were priced at that. But they are actually like 4.99. But you'd be surprised. People are gullible.
  8. ^It was you that said that the coochie dance was more interesting to you than gils robotic moves. All nite = gils choreography, robotic. You are obviously trying to back track here, cause you know you wouldn't dare to critise All nite. One of Janets most popular routines.
  9. ^because we are talking about Gils choreography aren't we? All nite happens to be one.
  10. Why do people put so much emphasise on opinion? I mean, I could have the opinion that Britney is a better singer than Whitney Houston. Doesn't mean I'm not a twat for saying it and completely wrong. Lol But it seems we must 'respect' that opinion because we all have 'rights' now to act and say foolish things. People have the right to an opinion, they have the right to express it, but not every fucking opinion is JUSTIFIED!! Go figure (Paul and others)
  11. Alright alright. Well ok fine if that's what you think that's fine. I mean, it's totally surprising and baffling. A 30 second coochie dance is more interesting to you than 10 years of brilliantly executed innnovative (all nite, rock with you) eye catchy choreograpghy. But fine. Your opinion is your prerogative.
  12. It seems like the only way I can be rational and tolerable is if i agree with people and say rihannas amazing and Janet's (of the 00s) shit. Which is obviously what you want. If I say ANNNYTHING else apparently in trolling.
  13. (let me use this to explain what I'm trying to say to people). If that is your opinion that is absolutely fine. I ain't saying you can't like rihannas work. Only what I am saying is, if you are going to praise that, then it would only be fair and mature of you to atleast be politely accepting towards Janets dance routines of the 00s, but people aren't, which baffles me. How does one form the opinion that rihannas dancing in 'where have you been' is amazing, BUT Janet's Gil choreograph is not. I'm only asking, not judging.
  14. They do. The same people. Ive seen hate towards Janet's 00s work, but lavish praise to ANYTHING Rihanna does. Trolls in disguise. I'm not saying people can't like rihanna, just get a damn perspective. If your gonna be easy on Rihanna that way, you should practise fairness and be easy on Janet.
  15. LIES. So we should be hard on Janet for dancing her ass off to what is very technical hard hitting choreography, yet we should applaud and celebrate Rihanna managing to do a small very simple dance? That reminds me of these annoying idiots that give standing ovations to X-factor auditionees, but would probably remain seated watching the likes of Whitney Houston belt out a ballad in her prime at the grammies in 1993. Sigh. We should give appropriate appreciation where it is due. Not celebrating mediocrity, and critiqueing excellence.
  16. I never ever said Rihanna copies Janet's smile. That's impossible anyway cause janet's smile is like no other. There is a lot in rihanna that isn't janet sure, but the stuff that is, is all that's good about her. The rest is a bad girl mess. It just annoys me. I see the same people hating on Gils hard hitting choreography that obsessed about rihanna's baby steps on "where have you been" like they never seen dancing before. When I see the same names, that's what annoys me so I FEEL I need to say something.
  17. It's the only thing keeping Rihanna relevant. She's been riding on it (in more ways than one) ever since she got hit. Messsaging him on twitter? Kissing him at the VMAs recently? Her interviews?
  18. I don't understand why any of these songs weren't atleast reasonable hits. They are not bad songs. I in a way think it was the fans that stopped them being a success. When a lot of non-fans were feeling the tracks, fans turned their back on Janet, so it could never truly succeed. Then of course radio. But still, they should have done better and its a mystery why they didn't. (IMO 'So excited' is a better song than 'Enjoy'. 'Enjoy' is annoyingly repetitive and its 2nd verse is disappointingly short. 'So excited' however is a great dance track).
  19. But she gets all the sympathy, because she's been so in controllable. If like if a celebrity loses their arms, they'd get more sympathy than you. My point is they shouldn't, and britney shouldn't get more, because other celebs have been through just as much or more. People are guilty of making it all about Britney.
  20. @jarryif, well I can be forgiven for thinking that when there are always more comments/views in the non-Janet section of the forum. I'm not crazy, you can follow other all you want, it just baffles me seeing Janet fans get excited about Rihanna wearing a weave Janet wore about 20 years ago. You say I act like a 13 year old new fan, well that's how some come across with Rihanna/etc on here. So you can hardly blame me for thinking it odd.
  21. I only mentioned Janet cause she is the perfect example to back up my point that was about britney always getting sympathy. LOTS of celebs have been through a lot worse, and don't get sympathy. So I don't HAVE to use Janet, but I decided to because this is a Janet board after all.
  22. Really frustrates me gearing people always give britney the sympathy vote cause of "all she's been through". Sorry but Janet's been through more. She was a child star Abusive father Married and annalled at 18 to a drug user Been through a sucky divorce. Major depression Major public humiliation and backlash. Death of a famous sibling brother Weight issues. And yet she still slays. Go figure
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