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  1. 1. All The Man That I Need 2. You Give Good Love 3. I'm Your Baby Tonight 4. Run To You 5. I Believe In You & Me 6. I Will Always Love You 7. It's Not Right But It's Okay 8. Why Does It Hurt So Bad? 9. Fine 10. My Love Is Your Love
  2. I highly doubt she would have been doing it on her own. It probably would have been alongside a bunch of other artists.
  3. A legend is someone who stood out for something special and because of this special something has been able to last over at least 15 years and inspire those who came after them.
  4. Tina Turner. It's too soon for anyone else on that list except for Cher.
  5. The Matrix shouldn't even be compared with these other films. It's obviously better.
  6. I'm split down the middle. "The Fame" wasn't that incredible of an album and I hate "Fame Monster." I hate "Born This Way" too but there's songs are the album that are dynamite. She just can't execute her sound properly. It was one half cheesy 80's knock offs, one half industrial pop/metal dance anthems.
  7. R&B artists aren't really that creative to tell you the truth so it's not unexpected. I would say he was being innovative recently but he's just following a new trend. Usher's never really been innovative in terms of music. Maybe in the dance field.
  8. The music was a step in the right direction at times but it suffered. She was too overwhelming and did 'way too much' to continue to be daring and creative. Plus overall, she's not progressing in a very safe fashion. Looking back at "The Fame" and then to 'Born This Way" it's a drastically different GaGa. It shouldn't be so entirely radically different to say there wasn't much time spent in between them.
  9. Both are iconic in their own special ways. Rhythm Nation was more innovative and actually stood for a real message. Plus there hadn't been socially conscious issues tied in with dance music since Marvin Gaye so in general the song was pretty iconic as well. Not to take anything away from Madonna who revolutionized dance music altogether with Vogue. That video is classic and brought the dance to the forefront.
  10. Be Happy/Everything I would say Deep Inside but that dance break...
  11. Um... Maybe... I'm Your Baby Tonight... Maybe.
  12. I have a few really close friends in my life who know me very very well - but there's only one person I truly consider my best friend. He knows who he is.
  13. Milla Jovovich Zoe Saldana Michelle Rodriguez Pam Grier Uma Thurman Vivica Fox Lucy Liu Kate Beckinsale Scarlett Johanssen
  14. Syd the Kyd is from Odd Future. She's the only female in the group. Don't take offense to the truth.
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