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  1. Yessss tug those dreds yesterday she was on facebook talkin bout she gone slap Janet. I kindly let her know janet would slap her back
  2. The Phoenix rises from the ashes
  3. Dee

    hotboy come here

    Hey lexi yea im well. how you been?
  4. She bettah put some music out over there and see if she can get a kelly NoWhereLand type of buzz
  5. Not looking to be outdone the house of deron cleaning rags will be out next week
  6. Really? I wont say much but someones gonna have to face god one day and they wont have William to blame for this mess
  7. Dee

    hotboy come here

    hey guys idk whens the lasttime i got a call from hotboy
  8. Dee

    Leah labelle ?

    I like this song and the girl has soul
  9. Some of the things posted in this thread are disgusting wtf s wrong with some of you did you not take your meds?
  10. keep an eye on keke wyatt and hide the kitchen knives :whistle:
  11. so they reached a deal huh?
  12. Yesss shes giving me co worker teas. let have A keys let have
  13. Unless this is pauly doing this please stop
  14. I i heard hateretha wants to do the show and wants patti to do it with her
  15. Watch love and hiphop tonite and youll find out
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