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  1. i forgot about amber lol she was @ kevins party and was very nice i like her
  2. Kanye West Forces Frank Ocean To Check Into Heartbreak Hotel Jacky, The man Frank Ocean fell in love with that faithful summer is none other than Kanye himself. Notice after Frank came out of the closet, we had a break from Kanye and Kim for a few days? Well, that’s because Frank’s ‘open letter’ was a lament for Kanye because he was sick of seeing him and Kim in all the blogs. That summer of romance was the summer Frank met Kanye and started penning hits for Beyonce, Jay, and numerous others. Jacky, if you don’t believe me.. Ask Tyler The Creator. Is Kanye West using Kim Kardashian as his beard to cover-up his bisexuality lifestyle? Of course he is. Don’t believe me.. Ask a drunken Rihanna. Thanks for the tip… Yours truly, Jacky J. http://diaryofahollywoodstreetking.com/ask-jacky-do-you-believe-kanye-is-frank-oceanss-crush/#more-48057
  3. I did my job... Just because i don't inform you of my every move behind the scenes doesn't mean you know everything
  4. omg lol i saw the youtube video where somebodys asking her to give the money back
  5. i dont keep up with these kids lol wayne?
  6. im in philly i mite be using my friends buddy pass
  7. i haven't seen her this hype since the Ellen performance years ago
  8. this gif is giving me life
  9. First of all you can save your little angrybirds rant for someome who cares because we could revisit your track record as a mod so lets not with the incompetent thing kay? and don't worry about what goes on in the control panel hit the report button and keep it moving also chose your next words wisely because it mite be 3-5 days before Your able to say anything else
  10. cat lady we can do this i have about 10 more - points to gave away
  11. I heard a rumor about a blogger stealing money from supporters you have to fill me in paul and her porn name was Kina Karen
  12. how could you not like it you must be a catlady in training
  13. i used to work in a buffet kitchen... if you wanna keep eating there don't ever go behind the scenes
  14. how many times i go up for plates of food is another story
  15. Now i know what some of yalls problem is
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