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  1. LOL Come on, it ain't that bad.
  2. I'm still sad that she overlooked 20YO on the setlist. I would have died if she performed Get It Out Me.
  3. I wonder if Leslie and Tyler went to the show last night. I kept looking around for them.
  4. She's actually rolling around in a tour bus.
  5. Montreal YAAAAS Lemme know if it happens. I can come meet you there and take you to all the nasty places.
  6. I've always thought Jan's fans are called the Rhythm Nation.
  7. It's called the Air Canada Centre now. I still wish you had come.
  8. She's well loved round here so it'll smash, I'm sure.
  9. I can't wait. I'm all dressed like I'm a part of the Rhythm Nation. All that's missing is the cap.
  10. Haaaay gorgeous what you been up to? Just work, life, enjoying myself, and the like... nothing too groundbreaking. What about you? Have you taken any pics in the woods lately? Imma go see Janet in Septembah heney
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