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  1. Why even focus on the clap? The video is great and we are the last fan base that needs to be getting in Stan wars. Just saying....
  2. I think it's funny that a child she had 30 years ago is only 21 now. ? That Jackson magic. ?
  3. Loved it! Every frame, every second. Soooo happy. ??
  4. I'm gonna be honest. I'm happy for her, and I know she's excited, but I don't get this scheduling. Why not get some healthy college student to carry the baby? It's not just the tour I'm thinking about but she's had a few health scares. Why risk it?
  5. My guess would be that he wanted to point out that this is the popular/common configuration for current concerts with A List stars.
  6. I don't think they need NeNe back based on the first show.
  7. This season started off just how I needed it to.
  8. I love the song and video, and not everyone is going to have Adele numbers after 20+ years in the game. People are so negative on here.
  9. I hope the real video is not fans or tour footage, unless it's 100% Janet. I don't need to see regular folks. :-(
  10. Look like she's going on an overnight trip. Maybe if she had the hat on, it would look more like a costume.
  11. Wow I never knew she used a double. She seems like a sweet girl.
  12. So is Unbreakable the official next single? I heard it on the radio today, and it's perfect for today's format. She's not trying to compete in anyone's lane but her own with that track.
  13. It would be pretty funny if she gets selected, and a day or two before the event, she gets "sick" and needs to rest. ? Janet will pull it.
  14. I'd be shocked if she's not selected. Not to mention, if they want to sell tickets and get ratings for HBO, they need Janet.
  15. I was not expecting that. They changed it up a bit to fit the show, but still respected the original.
  16. So happy to see everyone showing her love.
  17. I didn't even bother going to the VIP thing because I figured it would just be a bunch of old costumes. I'm mad at myself now. :-(
  18. Rolling Stone has interviewed her multiple times. Do you mean recently?
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