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  1. Best season ever! Whoever said Marlee is a bitch, hit the nail on the head. I hate fake people, who flip-flop like she was doing with Nene. That Latoya boardroom entrance was classic! I was screaming at my tv like I was watching the Saints win the Superbowl! My favorite is Ivanka. She reads and drags those fools across the boardroom every week, and never raises her voice. Nene should take notes. All that yelling makes her look ghetto, and trashy.....but it does make for good tv.
  2. They are assholes, and she needs a new stylest.
  3. Did I wake up in 2002? She is spreading the same lies that are causing so many black women to get infected each year.
  4. Loved it. People hate Gil so much, but you have to admit that was smooth. :clapping:
  5. When is the video premiering? I have not been able to sit through the whole song yet, but sometimes her videos may make me like the song.
  6. Kelly has a much better single, and that video is one of the sexiest in years. That being said. She still will only really move up the R&B charts maybe top 20 with her lack of promotion and drive.
  7. So I'm not the only one. I think the first pictures I saw of her had her in Asian type outfits, so my brain changed her last name to rhyme with ninja.
  8. I thought Nicki Minaj was pronounced Nicki Men-ja
  9. I would love to see that, the press will drag poor Janet being 40+ doing that.
  10. My old job in Accounting Dept was like that, after I got things in order. I was on JJ.com from about the 20th of one month - until the 10th of the following month. Now that I've moved up I'm in a differnt role, I'm working 24/7 seems like.
  11. You would not like Bourbon St. in New Orleans, or anywere in the city during Mardi Gras.
  12. When Love Takes over was a pretty big hit world wide right?
  13. I like this. She has the worst luck with singles. I don't get it.
  14. They are actually pretty good. They should ghost write for Lil Kim.
  15. He's done Madonna and MJ. She should be honored.
  16. Happy Birthday. You really look like about 30 or younger.
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