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  1. Kelly Osbourne is on E! with Joan Rivers (Red Carpet Something) Joan was on Celebrity Apprentice with asshole Donald Trump Donald and Latoya Jackson are on current season Latoya and Janet were on that 70's tv show. Next Carrot Top
  2. I was so proud of Latoya. She kept it classy and even though she wasn't always focused, she was professional and creative. Nene is really making herself look stupid. Latoya said it best, they are cut from different cloths.
  3. He died for me after he dropped us after 20 YO, fake ass.
  4. Marilyn Manson married actress Rose Mcgowan (and did video) Rose Mcgowan was in Scream with Neve Campbell Neve Campbell was in Scream 2 with Jada Pinkett Smith Jada Pinkett Smith was in Nutty Professor with Eddie Murphy (also Tupac Link) Eddie Murphy and Janet Nutty Professor 2 Next Celebrity Britney Spears
  5. Does anyone have links to the pictures in W from about 2008? She looked great.
  6. I think wanted everyone to know she loves Janet so much she wants to handcuff herself to her, and kidnap her.
  7. This sounds big. Is Janet touring that day? too lazy to check.
  8. I thought it was Alladin with the xtube account?
  9. Back to pic....when did she and JD officially break up?
  10. Well, you got your cherry popped or not?
  11. I think he's just doing this for attention. It's keeping his name in the press, and that's all that matters to him. He's going to make it hard for me to enjoy The Apprentice.
  12. Sorry for going off topic in such a serious thread. If you have skin that gets irritated easy, just test it out on a small patch of hair first, and leave on like 5 minutes. Also use the version in the silver can. The old version smells like rotten eggs.
  13. Bored but don't feel like reading 5 pages. Fill me in.
  14. I don't even want to think of what Media Takeout will say about this. They scream gay if a guy wears a flip flops.
  15. Yet I'm sure they are still giving out awards for bluegrass and books on tape.
  16. You mean Magic Shave? I use that also, but have to take a break and grow full beard every few months. Makes my face dark at the bottom after a while.
  17. xu1993


    I'm very late to the party. Did Nuk ever make it here?
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