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  1. She sings that song with Jeremiah about taking shots, and not telling anybody. Too lazy to Google her.
  2. The production already messing up. Lala threw it to Terrence and he was pissed saying he didn't even have a camera on him. Hot mess.
  3. Wow I never saw that story. Mad I read it now.
  4. Hey man. I discovered the other thread with a lot of the other old posters as well.
  5. I don't think I'd want to watch most of them.
  6. Oh wow! We used to chat back in the day. I remember you posting about wet wipes in the work refrigerator.
  7. I'm staying out of this thread until Monday morning
  8. Can someone post that New York Beyoncé gif. I like the girl, but no, not today.
  9. Jimmy and Terry. They are a team. I'm sure no one will be doing any JD tracks during the tribute.
  10. This reminds me of old times on the jj board. It would be great if everyone would post defaults from 10 years ago for old times sake.
  11. I remember all you guys, cool.
  12. I like her, but she's looking desperate. Janet will keep it classy, and not kick her while shes down though.
  13. 1) Dancing 2) Sexy Smile 3)Jackson Family Member
  14. She is slick doing this on a Friday night!
  15. I think my heart stopped for a few seconds.
  16. This was cool. Have not heard this song in years.
  17. I didn't even know about this poll until I saw her post on FB. I'm so out of the loop. So is she planning something?
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