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  1. That was her thing in the 90s, this time she left what her relapse was up in the air, but she also admitted she's been "self medicating" which is exactly what I suspected and you described.
  2. "Authorities did not name Geragos in court records." https://www.daytondailynews.com/news/national/jussie-smollett-court-for-emergency-hearing/BfMahYWzz8H0xYrg6SkKZM/ By all accounts based on news articles it looks like at best he was an advisor at the beginning of the trial, not an active Lawyer because in the middle of all this He's going through his own thing, so he hasn't appeared to be hands-on at all in this case except for defending him in the media. Not to mention in general this case wasn't at all about his defense, it's the prosecutors (like in many other sloppy cases Celebrity and not) that made this happen. Google images is a goood friend. (I love I didn't know they existed before he outed them in an interview with the question of why he didn't use hookup apps anymore)
  3. So this stint is about alcohol apparently......the suspicion has been that its pills (that's what I was expecting), but shit she's drank plenty on the show
  4. Eh, judging from his nudes, if he's a good enough fighter he could do well as a vers in there.
  5. Nah it depends on the case and how it's presented more often than not. Cosby had evidence and credible witnesses against him, this situation like many others, the prosecution being a mess that makes it messier, rich or poor, that's how it usually goes. .......Um........Jussie's lawyer is Patricia Brown Holmes......nobody from MJ's team is listed on Jussie's legal defense team.
  6. Enjoy/TakeCare/DoItToMe>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>Discipline
  7. True, it's not like anyone rich ever gets found guilty... If he had the clout I think he would've used attorney's that are household names, not people who's careers are gonna be made after representing you.
  8. This is SUCH a bad look for Chicago PD.....but they really did it to themselves. I wouldn't blame Jussie at all if he wanted/decided to sue, he took such a dragging. I really wonder what his next move will be.
  9. This is literally why I have been quiet AF about this, it's been weird and tricky all along, and weirder than the allegations, was how the police handled it all and was leaking "information" so fast and so immediately, I didn't expect this, but I knew it was a possibility, the cops might've compromised their case by letting so much get public so fast. That's why I reserve judgment (and still do in this case) until more unfolds or more information becomes available...
  10. That's how I try to view the world, all the stuff we discuss involving celebrities, I grew up with it in my family or in my friends, I learned not everything is black & white, there's alot of gray and alot of fog, and the full picture is important to me, but if I can't see it I can't ignore that there's more I/we don't know & don't see, you can't just act like it's not. And that's what Wendy's moves are here, she just wants the help for the sobriety not for the husband that (allegedly) has been running around her for years and abusive to her, so in those kinds of cases it sucks because you can't want them to be better than they even want to be or feel like trying to be.
  11. Absolutely I do, my heart goes out to everyone who suffers from addiction problems, everyone who suffers through domestic abuse, it's things that can ruin lives.....but on that focus level, she makes it hard to support her because she only wants support for 1 aspect when there's so much more of a mess that she's not wanting to get help for. It's like someone who lives in a house that's falling apart but they're focused on renovating the kitchen and nothing else, and they want props and help for working on that kitchen, not to mention the person that lives in that house makes their living judging and demeaning other houses (that they never been in). So there's empathy there (from me) but it's on a "whole story", "I feel bad that she doesn't even know she has the strength" level. I'll give her props for that kitchen, but acknowledge something's wrong that she doesn't see there's so much more work to do & seems like she doesn't care to do it. I want her to come out of it alive and on top and happy, but until she can be real about her whole story, I'm not really counting on it so it is what it is.
  12. Love Scene is a phenomenal instrumental.....
  13. Agreed, and she had some really good shots that era
  14. I didn't say anyone does, I'm just using stats to prove a point, that this album being a favorite ain't so controversial, pretty much Control-TVR is a common & expected answer for a favorite, anything other than those 4 I'd say is controversial.
  15. And Apple music data would be similar I'm willing to bet, the point is no matter the source, the album is and always has been noted as a fave Nope, not when I'm feelin it, Funk is my thing period, so yea it works perfect for me, everything on the album fullfills a musical passion of mine in 1 way or another ...........it gets what it deserves for as much of her time & energy &writing (& vocals) she put into it
  16. The Kii is that this was an attempt to jump in front of a expose that the daily mail was getting ready to release (they released it Friday I think, and she made this announcement Tuesday) about her living in a Sober house, BUT also about her husband's mistress and about his abuse allegations, but she keeps info on all that real tight and real "professional" despite, as she puts it, the streets been talkin for years, and now former workers of hers are. I like there's even a mini-movement (started by Charlemagne who use to be her co-worker and is now trashing her husband) not to pay attention to anything she says in Hot Topics until she really talks about what's now public knowledge about her husband and her relationship before talking about other peoples dirt. Shit the DailyMail went DIGGING on this shit, this some damn near stalker territory lol, but then again their point is Wendy's husband aint really hiding shit.....at least not very well. https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-6830485/Wendy-Williams-husband-told-mistress-leave-wife-pays-bills.html
  17. Lies, your opinions cute, but the fact that going just off of the Spotify data it's the 2nd most played album in the bunch, and more songs from that album have over a million streams than any other, and it's tied with Control for both having the most songs in her top 20 of most streams..... How many tracks did AFY get over a million streams again.......
  18. 1. janet. (If, TTWLG, Anytime Anyplace) 2. Rhythm Nation (Love Will Never Do, RN, Come Back To Me) 3. The Velvet Rope (I Get Lonely, You, Go Deep) (song to skip: Tonights The Night) 4. Unbreakable (Night, No Sleeep, Gon Be Alright) (song to skip: After You Fall) 5. Control (PleasurePrinciple, Nasty, Funny How Time Flies) 6. All For You (All For You, Son Of A Gun, Better Days) (song to skip: Love Scene) 7. Damita Jo (I Want You, All Nite, Spending Time With You) (Song to skip: Thinkin Bout My Ex) 8. Janet Jackson ( You'll Never Find, Don't Mess Up This Good Thing, Come Give Your Love To Me) (Song To Skip: Love&MyBestFriend) 9. 20 Y.O. (Enjoy, Take Care, Do It To Me) (song to skip: Love2Love) 10. Dream Street (Don't Stand Another Chance, All My Love To You, If It Takes All Night) (song to skip: Two To The Power Of Love) 11. Discipline (Feedback, 2Nite, So Much Better) (song to skip: GreatestEx) (I say this everytime I rank because janet. & RN is always 1&2, what keeps RN from being #1 is that I prefer the single mixes & video mixes to most of those RN songs over the album versions, if not for that janet. & RN would almost be tied for how much I use & crave both, but the thing is I don't use much from the RN album, the only 2 singles from the RN era I use the album versions of is Love Will Never Do & Escapade)
  19. I keep forgetting to, I'll check it out
  20. Inner City Blues - Marvin Gaye Please Me - Bruno & Cardi Stranger In Moscow - Michael
  21. 1. Tom Mesereau gives the whole breakdown, under oath 2. Yet he still was able to get one because his sick twisted father who he emancipated himself from nearly killed him.......point remains, his father was sick and twisted and the one who ruined that kids life. 3. Point remains, Evan Chandler was a psycho. 1 of the things he wanted out of suing Michael was to release an album called "EvansStory"..........and he's credible?!?! 4. The zip file that you avoided is Chandler's mother's testimony about how Joran emancipated himself from both parents thus proving his dad was a psycho who ruined his life. Yea no, Breitbart isn't Huffington Post though, He's credible, he's respected, he's an expert, and he's right. Can't use credibility? Do you hear what you're saying.....how crazy that is? You're advocating, anyone should be able to accuse anyone of sexual abuse and their story not mattering but their accusations do....in a world where lying isn't a thing that'd work, but in the real world it doesn't. Simple as can be, what kind of person you are doesn't matter about the accusations (literally anybody is saying it does), how you treat your own accusations is what we're talking about. On the subject of rape, Cosby was NEVER credible, he was about as credible as a Jackson accuser really. You can't make up entire details that are easily proven to be not true and be credible on the subject, lying about conversations, lying about circumstances, lying about things involving this that you didn't need to lie about, makes it look like you can lie about EVERYTHING, and you're advising that we still believe their every new edit, no.
  22. I legit giggled at the contradiction of it all
  23. BINGO, that's a big piece there, and the hilariousness is lazy fools who find out "he had to describe" don't even know he FAILED (he said MJ was circumcized when he wasn't, which was proven by the police pics of every inch of his body). RIght, and no settling out of court either, that would've taken things to a whole other level that it never remotely got close to. But folks like to imagine things differently
  24. ........... then you'll just stay wrong.....OK.....the credentials are enough, you just don't like the facts... Eh you know what on 2nd thought, since you seem to actually want to read through the details, here you go. You got alot of reading to do http://web.archive.org/web/20050208010747/atgbook.net/GQFinal.html https://vault.fbi.gov/Michael Jackson/Michael Jackson Part 07 of 07/view https://law.justia.com/cases/new-jersey/appellate-division-unpublished/2006/a0422-05-opn.html https://themichaeljacksonallegationsblog.files.wordpress.com/2016/12/court-transcripts.zip I will admit I didn't know Jordan was an adult when his dad attacked and almost killed him with weights, I thought it was when he was a kid
  25. RIGHT!?!?!? Folks acting like this is the Grammy's, Emmy's, or Oscars .
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